Just One…

I get this question a lot, ‘Can’t you eat just one?’

Technically, the answer to this question is ‘Yes‘. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do ‘just one‘. I know how to do 58. There is not just one M&M in my life. There is not just one cookie, just one chip, just one bite.

One‘ is the gateway into overeating, self loathing, and unattained goals.

A plate of brownies screams at me from the counter on which it sits. I hear it yelling, ‘Eat me. Eat me. EAT ME!!!’ It is absolute torture. There are moments when I can’t pay attention to the conversation with the fabulous people at a party because the food is yelling so loudly.

I don’t want to care about brownies anymore. I want to not be able to care less. I want to be free from the power of food over me.

This is easily said, but but not easily done. The journey is not clear and I think I am going to require a machete to clear the path.

I am not going to settle just for the discipline to not have it, but fight and train for mental prowess to not want or need it.

Training for a Figure Competition is about your daily workouts and what you eat and don’t eat, but it is mostly about your mind. The competitors standing on the stage have trained their bodies hard, but trained their minds even more intensely than you can imagine.

When I started out on my fitness journey, I could only run 1 minute and I think snails could run faster than me, but I did not give up. Perseverance and sheer determination has yielded some incredible results over the last few years; results that I am very proud of. It is time to face the plate of brownies head on and come out the victor. If the woman that once wore a size 20 wedding dress can now do 75 unassisted chin ups on shoulder day, she can do this.

I am not going to learn how to do ‘just one‘, it is time to learn how to proficiently do ‘just none‘!

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  1. 75 chin ups? You are so my hero.

  2. Woooot!!! So motivational!! I can hear the roar in your voice! ‘just none’ yes!!

  3. I am sooooooo proud of you! You make me place every temptation down! Thank you DL! 🙂

  4. That is very much me too! Gotta keep my head on straight.

  5. OMG, I’m exactly the same, I cannot have just one, just like I cannot have peanut butter or chocolate in my house. I envy those people that can just have 1 square of chocolate.
    It’s definately easier to go without completely than to battle with your mind and ‘just have one’.
    Good luck with your journey, I love your blog!

  6. I know how to do 58 really well too! 🙂 Never understood the concept of “just one.” If it tastes good, why would you only want one?!

  7. 75??!! Good gracious. Amazing.

    I hear you on the “just one” issue. But with a slightly different twist, I am deeply committed to learning how to have “just one”. I want to find the balance and skill to experince the taste and enjoy that moment, and remain in control. I watch in amazement as my 5 year old eats half and cookie and then hands it back to me saying “I’m full”. She enjoyed it, but recognizes she’s not hungry and moves on. The cookie has no power, and is gone from her mind. To support a life-long journey of health and balance, that is where I’d like to be!!

    Thank you for writing about this stuff on your blog. It’s really helping me think through my own issues.

    • Wow, I want to be like your 5 year old too. That’s amazing. If she were my child I would probably ask her, “Are you sure?!” and have very confused eyes while I ask her. I am excited to learn from you as you conquer the ‘Just one’!

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