Santa Forgot to Deliver…

All I wanted for Christmas as an ab. Just a wee bit of an ab…others want full out 6-packs and I would have been happy with a line running down either side of my stomach hinting at abs.

With much excitement and anticipation, I opened up all of my Christmas presents and…drum roll…no ab.

I have eaten clean and been on track with my diet and workouts, so I blame Santa for the missing ab. I was such a good girl this year, I did everything required and yet no ab! It makes me start to wonder if he is real…

If I want to, I can let it make me feel sad.

I guess I asked for too much! Oops!

I could let it derail me and I could dive into all the cookies I baked for everyone else.

I bake because I love people...then I desperately try to avoid eating it. Really, it's ridiculous all around!

But I am not about to do that! Christmas is a  time to celebrate all that I have been given and the people in my life that are so supportive…even if they don’t understand what the heck is it that I am doing. Or the fact that my Christmas dinner looks a tad odd compared to everyone else’s dinner.

Turkey and all the fixings...vegetable fixings that is!

It was pure folly to rely on a man who is known around the world for his muffin top to give me an ab for Christmas. What was I thinking?!!?!

I will just have to wait and see if the luck of the Irish rubs off on me in March.

So I will just sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of Christmas with friends and family and be more than satisfied with my black coffee and remaining muffin top.

Feels fabulous to just hang out and do nothing with family...heck you don't even have to do your hair!

I may not have abs, but I have my health, fabulous friends and family, and some audacious goals set for 2011. After all in order to win my pro card, I will HAVE to have some abs!

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