Stars and Angels

My Christmas tree is a bit of a schmozzle of ornaments, but if you look closely enough there is a method to the madness. They don’t match at all, but there is a definite theme: stars and angels.

Every year I search out a star or angel that signifies the kind of year I have had. For me, Christmas is a time of celebrating, remembering, and refocusing my life on what is most important.

Stars and angels announced good news and showed the way to the hope of Jesus. It is so important to announce good news, bring hope, and have a light to point you to where you should go. My Christmas tree serves as a yearly reminder for me.

This past year was a year of good news and hope, a very blessed year indeed.

I thought it only fitting to buy a purple bedazzled star to match my bedazzled bikini as this year’s ornament!

The year I went for it and lived up to my potential - definitely star worthy!

May you find the hope of the world this Christmas season and be blessed beyond measure by the time spent with family and friends.

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