Gym Tasting

I love wine tasting and pairings. One of my favorite things to do is try a new wine with a fabulous hunk of cheese that matches perfectly with it. Unfortunately I can’t do this anymore…a big glass of French Beaujolais and a sharp cheddar does not fit into my macro nutrients. What I like about wine tasting is experiencing something new in the genre of something I love.

As you know I love lifting weights, so I have decided to embrace ‘Gym Tasting’.

Similar to wine tasting, you get to try something new that is out of your everyday norm. Every day I go to the YMCA downtown Edmonton. It’s a mere 5 minutes from my house, I know most of the people that are part of the early morning crowd and I know where to find everything I need. I love my gym, but some days it is just fun to try something new.

This morning I got to ‘taste’ a new gym in Yorkton, SK.

I am always a little leery of new gyms, but after the 20 minute drive which was just long enough to warm the car up so I stopped shivering like a leaf in the wind despite my 3 winter coats, I rolled up to this glowing sight.

Forever Fit!

A glorious, glowing sight through the foggy winter morning!

My initial reaction was that it looked very bungalow-esque, but I had heard good things so I went right in.

Low and behold there was everything a Figure competitor could want. Weights, weights, weights, and more weights!

Every square inch of the gym is full of weights and no one is working out. A Figure Competitor's dream come true!

Heck, they even had TWO power squat racks. My YMCA back in Edmonton only has one. It was leg day and happiness welled up in my heart over the fact that I could hog the rack for as long as I wanted without any remorse. GLORIOUS!

TWO? I entertained devious thoughts about using both of them just because I could...but I didn't...

They totally spoiled me. For a whole week of access from 4 am to 11 pm it was a mere $25. Apparently it is the ‘you are visiting from Edmonton and are a Figure Competitor’ Christmas week special. That even includes towel service…makes me want to come visit the in-laws more often.

In order to get in at 4 am, all I need to do is scan my finger print on a little scanning device and type in my unique password and wha-lah! the door will magically unlock.

Now I don’t think I will be found there at 4 am on Christmas morning, but I COULD BE if I wanted to.

And the pairing that went along with Forever Fit this morning was some gorgeous hoar frost.

Gorgeous. This arctic-esque dwelling does have some good points!

Gym tasting has left me full and satisfied; I highly recommend it!

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