Enjoying The Journey

I’ve tried a lot of sports over the last decade…most of them have been rather unsuccessful.

While in college I was on the women’s basketball team, most because they needed 12 players and 12 of us came to tryouts. My main responsibilities were to give the women that could actually play the sport without falling over a 2 minute break and sitting on the bench. I always wanted to throw up on game day, a sure sign that the sport may not be for you.

Then I ran races. My first race was the CIBC Run For The Cure. Jon was so proud of me for running in a race that he ran backwards with me for all five kilometers in a flip flops cheering me on. Encouraging and disheartening at the same time. For years I ran to lose weight…and I secretly hated it.

With my newfound athletic abilities, I decided to embrace my sporty side and try skiing. A black diamond mountain, a foot of fresh snow, and Donloree is an epic combination! Tears, near death experiences, and 2 hours to go down one run resulted. I still regret wearing all the skiing gear and looking like I had it together. No one helps you out when you appear like you know what you’re doing. How was I supposed to know you have to manually pull the safety bar down on the lift so you don’t experience ‘heli-skiing’?

I decided to change tactics. I worked out just to lose weight…but then everyone started asking me what I was training for and before I knew what happened I heard, “I’m training for a triathlon‘ come out of my mouth. I am a woman of my word which caused me to suffer through a near drowning, torn calf muscle, and a summer of having 803 sunburnt into my arms. That experience taught me the value of being honest. If you just want to wear size 8 pants, just tell people!

After 9 years of trying to be sporty doing things I hate, I was finally honest with myself. I love lifting heavy things, always have and always will. I have always been the woman that will take ALL the grocery bags in the house with one trip, no matter how many there are and heck as if I need a man to lift things! So I went for it and started training for a bodybuilding competition.

I absolutely love lifting more than my body weight or feeling like my arms are about to fall off after doing 65 unassisted chin ups. I never felt any sort of love of the sport after warming the bench, avoiding leeches during a triathlon, or sliding head first down a black diamond hill.

I am happy to have found the thing that makes me happy everyday. It may be a bit weird that I love lifting weights more than anything else, but I just don’t care anymore. It feels glorious to not have to be a triathlete, runner, or skier. I am so proud to call myself a Figure Competitor.

You have to enjoy your training, not just the final event or race. Life is shaped by what you train for and the event is merely one day. You aren’t defined by that one day, but the sum of all the days leading to the event.

So what is going to define you?

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