Over The Top, Hardcore, Intense, Impressive

I get many adjectives applied to me these days. Often times I get comments like:

Wow, you are so hardcore!

Your training and eating is SO INTENSE, I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t do it.

No offense, but your life is a bit over the top…can’t you just have ONE piece of cake?


The thing is, I think I was just as, if not more so, impressive, over the top, hardcore, and intense when I was 80 pounds heavier and decided to start on the journey of fitness.It just wasn’t as noticeable. Yesterday there was a young girl at the gym that is probably 75 pounds overweight. She was giving her weight training 100% effort and worked out around all the athletic looking men without batting an eyelash. She was being impressive, hardcore, over the top, and intense.

I was merely working out at a normal level; she was killing it!

It takes a ton of guts to start on the journey of fitness when you’re heavy or completely out of shape.. Setting your bar high might look like being able to run for two minutes straight before taking a walk break. I remember those days, they can be disheartening.

I wanted to go over and introduce myself to her and tell her that I was completely inspired by her hard work and discipline, but didn’t know how to do that without scaring her to death or come across as a severely annoying skinny chick. So I just basked in her determination and grit and let it push me to give myself 100% to my workout.

If you’re just starting out on your journey of fitness, set your bar high; even it is running for two minutes before you take a walk break. Once you can clear that bar, set a new one…and before you know it people will start to take notice of how impressive you are. But whatever you do, know that there is a Figure Competitor up in the arctic tundra of Canada that thinks you’re over the top, hardcore, intense, and impressive right now.

What’s the next bar you’ve set for yourself? Mine is April 9, 2011 in Calgary…and I am deliciously excited and scared for it!

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  1. I’ve been keeping up with your blog for a while now and i’m really enjoying it!
    there’s am older woman who goes to my gym and she’s pretty overweight, to the point where she can barely walk without holding onto something, but she comes in and out of the weight room and every time i see her it inspires me to work a little harder.

    anyways, good luck with your competition and training! 🙂

  2. I hate the comment “can’t you just have one? It won’t kill you!” yes, I can, but I choose not to. People don’t understand. It’s that one time and time again that kills you. Anyway, next time, say something to her. Let her know you are impressed. I have done that because you know what, inside she may feel really self concious and feel bad about herself, but when someone else mentions that they see her hard work and determination, espcially when it shows it’s paying off, that will give them the little boost they may need. Plus, it will make you feel good to say it =)

  3. You are an amazing person D. Goood luck April I can’t wait to see pics and results. I have the highest respect to those who are overweight at the gym and really giving it all, it has taken a lot to just come to the gym, and for them wanting a change in their life. There is always a big smile on my face when I see them and I’m thinking to myself “Good for you” “bravo” Because i know how hard it is to keep yourself motivated and to push yourself. “Hardcore, dedicated and omg your so strict” I just take them as self boosters!…lol You go girl!

  4. This is such a great perspective to have! Everyone’s fitness journey is so unique and so personal. And there are so many ways to be intense and hard core.

    I agree with Lisa; the next time you see that woman, I think you should tell her how she inspires you. I’m willing to bet you’ll make her day, and that she may remember you – and whatever conversation you have – for the rest of her life.

  5. Reading this really made my day! I am very over weight (BMI of 32) and it might sound insane but in my heart I’m working towards becoming a figure competitor; it gives me far more motivation than simply losing weight. Every day when I go to the gym and I am lifting heavy weights and making stupid faces hehe I wonder if people are thinking “what the heck is she doing?!” but to know someone I highly respect such as yourself thinks that fat chicks doing weights is awesome and hardcore makes me smile!

    • That doesn’t sound insane at all woman! It sounds like you are planning for success. I used to be in Obese Class 1, so it is completely attainable; it just take time and dedication. You are totally hardcore! I am so happy to hear that you are out there giving it your all – that’s the way to be! Woot!!

  6. How funny, I was thinking about this subject last night while I was on the treadmill! I hate to say it Anna, but I used to be one of those people thinking “what the heck is she doing?”. I’ve been reading a few blogs recently though of women like Donloree who have overcome incredible physical and emotional challenges. It’s made me realise how amazingly strong and motivated these women are. Now when I see these women at the gym I too am inspired by them. I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction for them and what they are working so hard for. Thank you ladies for being such an inspiration!!

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