Figure Competitor’s Resolute Dreams

I was asked the other day if I make New Year’s Resolutions. I totally don’t. I am one of those strange people that hates New Year’s Resolutions. I think any day is a good day to make a positive change in your life; you don’t have to wait until January 1 to start living! Live today!

Instead, I dream.  Sometimes I dream so big it makes my head hurt, and other days it takes all my energy to find even one dream rattling around in my heart. Some dreams are so dear to my heart that it freaks me out to write them down, let alone say them out loud.

There is power in telling people your dreams and aspirations. If I had kept my dream of competing in a Figure Competition a secret I don’t know that I would have made it to the finish line. The community and support that I found from sharing my dream has been incredible. Sureness and strength comes from doing life with other people and being unashamed and honest about who you are; it feels fabulous.

Today was a dreaming kind of a day. I was challenged to sit down and write out 100 dreams.

I thought, “No problem! 100 dreams?! Pfft! I can do that in 37 minutes!

I think best when I think in Sharpies. Next these will get taped to my walls with painter's tape. Makes for interesting dining room art...

37 minutes came and went 4 times and I only got 48 down. Even with the 5 cups of coffee I consumed while doing this exercise, I am not even halfway done! I can squat heavy weight like nobody’s business, but I can’t come up with 100 dreams?!

Of the 48 dreams that I have written down so far, there are a few interesting ones!

  • Have a book on the New York Best Selling list
  • Be a featured athlete on a Lululemon bag
  • Win Worlds in NYC
  • Meet a real sherpa
  • Sponsor 100 children through Worldvision and then go visit all of them
  • Have a ‘Donloree’ column in a fitness magazine
  • Hire a personal chef (let’s be honest, I just don’t want to chop anymore veggies!)
  • Inspire and lead a revolution of health and fitness for women; inside and out
  • Host a women’s all natural bodybuilding summit and have at least 2,000 women come

I have 52 more to go and I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of my heart. I wonder what dreams will come out the next time I have 37 minutes to sit down and dream again.

What is on your list of dreams and aspirations?

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  1. I did this once – and the farthest I got was 73! It’s been fun to look back and see what’s been accomplished and what’s still “outstanding”. Was totally wondering what to use my enormous Costco pack of Sharpies on, I think it’s time to tackle another list! 🙂

  2. I love idea of dreams versus resolutions!! i write down my goals each year and love the feeling of checking them off!

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