Spontaneous Firefighter Date

I work for myself which means I am often found in a coffee shop with my laptop and tons of papers spread out in front of me. I never understood these people when I worked for someone else, but now that I don’t have an office to go to I am all about the coffee shop office.

A woman just needs a change of scenery now and again!

This morning I was drafting some web copy for one of my clients at a busy downtown Edmonton Starbucks. The only table available was the handicapped table, but I grabbed it anyways. I was happy to have such a large space to spread out all my work and dive into wordsmithing.

After about 15 minutes I look up to see a fireman hovering around my table in a very awkward manner. He finally asked if he could share my table; I was happy to oblige. He stated that he would simply drink his coffee and do his crossword. Then 10 minutes later his co-worker drops by and I have two older firefighters having coffee over me while I worked…or tried to work.

Finally the newest arrival to the now awkward table sharing, coffee drinking, crossword adventure decided to engage me in conversation.

Fireman with Salt and Pepper Beard – So…you go to school at Grant MacEwan then?

DLH – Nope. I work for myself and am just working at Starbucks this morning. It’s nice to get out of the house most days. (Points for thinking that this 31 year looks young enough to still be in college!)

FSPB – Oh…Umm…What is it that you do?

Now at this point in the conversation, I have a few choices. I can simply say ‘I’m a business consultant and coach.” or I can go out on a limb and say things that confuse people. I like living on the edge, so I went for it.

DLH – I am a life coach and all natural bodybuilder

Crossword Firefighter – Like no steroids?!

FSPB – Wow. Bodybuilding and Life Coach…So what do you do then? Do you work out and then tell people how to fix their lives?

CF – I get it. It goes together for sure. I need to get back to the gym…

Both of the men are now staring intently at my upper arms trying to discern how ripped I am underneath my Lululemon hoodie. I can barely contain my laughter. They both went into shocked mode and before I know what is happening, I find myself spilling out my life story about being fat and dissatisfied with life and my journey toward health in my body, soul, and spirit.  45 minutes later they head back to work after both shaking my hand and thanking me for our coffee adventure.

My favorite part of the whole spontaneous event was the fact that they kept looking at me like I may turn into a superhero at any given moment. Like a hot pink cape may just whip out of my hoodie seconds before I  rush off to save a small child from a burning building or something.

Living out on a limb and just embracing all of who you are is a ton of fun! It may lead to you being less than productive at writing web copy and spilling your guts to strange fire fighting men, but it keeps things interesting!

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  1. That’s awesome!!!

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