Stuck in the Snow Together

It snowed. A LOT.  This isn’t a shock since I live in Canada, but it dumped about a foot of snow in less than 24 hours. This makes driving ridiculous. These are the days when you are glad you have a snow shovel in the back of your car because at some point you or a random person you’ve never met before is going to require digging out of a snow bank.

This morning I decided to be risky and video what it is like driving in the snow to share with all of the fabulous Bikini Or Bust women. I mean, some of them are suffering in the south with cooler weather and have to put a light jacket on over their tank tops. I just wanted to let them know that I understand and am suffering right along with them. While making the video (when are they going to have a hands free video machine?!), I had a revelation:

You just have to keep moving. When you completely stop and give up, that’s when you get stuck. And if you see someone completely stuck and spinning their tires, it’s your duty to stop and help dig them out even if it means you may get stuck for awhile too.

Community is so important! There is no way I could have arrived on that stage on October 16th if it weren’t for the many people that dug me out of the snow bank over and over again. Being stuck in a snow bank is not a good feeling, but its even worse being stuck alone.

Who helps you keep moving and who are you digging out of the snow bank?

*FYI – ‘Clogging’ is a term we have coined for creating video blogs while in the car…not the safest thing, but interesting! Usually my ‘clogs’ are stationary, but today I pulled out the big guns and clogged in motion with gusto!

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  1. What a great analogy, Donloree! I was in Edmonton yesterday too & wow what a storm! I was really glad I wasn’t driving. I was with my friend, Deb, a former professional driver so I felt pretty confident. She’s one of the people who digs me out & keeps me moving & I’m happy to do the same for her.

  2. Good thing you stopped video-ing before Jasper Ave — naughty girl! I think that would definitely earn you a distracted driving ticket. 😉

  3. “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop”


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