Its In The Getting Up

As you may or may not know, I am proud to be part of a group of 15 fabulous women that are all committed to competing this spring and sharing their lives with each other and you.

We are like an English Garden; a smattering of fabulous flowers growing all over the place. Its in the living and growing where the unique beauty comes out of each of us. Together we create a very distinct and rambling garden.

I love, love, love having a support group of women that are there for each other, will talk about all the nuances of training, nutrition, and craziness that comes with preparing for a competition, and won’t blink an eye when you send them a picture of you in a bikini flexing all of your muscles.

They constantly challenge and inspire me to be a better me.

Today one of the fabulous women, Faith Keith, shared this quote with us:

If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you.
You may have a fresh start any moment you choose,
for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.
-Mary Pickford

This resonated in my heart in a huge way today. It doesn’t matter if we don’t succeed on our first try, if we ‘fail’, or if it is the 800th time of trying; it just matters if and how we get up.

Success is not defined by something you do or don’t do, it is defined by who you are becoming.

I will continue to get up when I fall down. I only have this very moment to live, and I will live it standing up tall and proud no matter how many scrapes, bruises, or bumps I have.

If you have fallen, choose success by rising up and standing tall; in this moment see your success!

Bikini Or Bust!

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