Birthday Figure Competitor Style!

Today was my 31st birthday. It seems so odd to put a number on how long I have been on the earth. For some reason I always forget how old I am and am shocked when I remember I am in my thirties. But I LOVE being in my thirties…makes me feel wise and sophisticated!

Last year it was -46, or -58 with the windchill, on my birthday. Apparently the only place in the world that was colder was Siberia…and it was about that cold in my heart too. I was not in a good place.

Thankfully, one year later, it’s merely -3 and much warmer in my heart as well!

Since I am in hardcore training mode I decided to celebrate the day Figure Competitor style! Instead of finding joy by eating, I decided to be excited and happy about every aspect of the day.

To kick the day off with style, I put candles in my egg white scramble and sang Happy Birthday to myself. Jon had already left to go to the YMCA, otherwise he would have been happy to sing to me.

It's the closest thing to cake I was going to get to! NOTE: The eggs are hot...wax in your scramble tastes super icky!

I the day off by meeting Peter for my weekly arse kicking. At the end of the session I could barely move my arms. I LOVE shoulder day!

Luckily I had enough gumption left to eat my after workout yogurt, apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

More than a bit beat! Can't wait to start devouring the food...if only I could get the spoon to my mouth without wanting to scream out in pain.

Then I had to get to work…or at least I tried! I was so excited about everything in my life that I had trouble staying focussed. I sat myself down in Starbucks and gave myself a stern talking to and got down to it!

Such a great birthday that I smiled the whole time I worked. I am sure the other coffee drinkers thought I was more than a tad out of my mind!

Luckily I remembered that my driver’s license expired today. I ran over to the registries place and had a perky conversation with a very no-nonsense woman. It was so much fun to officially change my weight with Alberta. As you can see, my face was in fact round at one point…

30 pounds was even more round 85 pounds ago...

Presents! I love presents. I came home to TWO notices in my mailbox that there were packages at the post office. This made my fabulous day even MORE fabulous.

Gifts from my mom and the CORE bag that I ordered for Jon for me for my birthday arrived! Woot!

Then I was treated to dinner out on the town by nice husband. I did not need food to make the day fabulous and definitely wanted to stick to my macro nutrients, so I made a healthy and tasty choice.

Salmon, asparagus, and a dose of butter. Perfection!

I drank my black coffee and watched while Jon ate my birthday dessert.

Looks tasty on the plate, but it would NOT look tasty on my muffin top!

Who says living with a Figure Competitor is hard?! TONS of upside, don’t you think?

So it’s official. I am a year older and a decade wiser. Today was so much fun that I wish my birthday was everyday! What made it so fantastic was that I chose to enjoy every moment of it and live as fully as I could.  So tomorrow, I am going to take my cute as a button gym bag to the YMCA tomorrow morning and remember to LIVE.

I feel so pro with this bag; like I could be at the Olympics or something. I love it!!!

I am so thankful to have such a fabulous group of people around me that have supported me through everything. I couldn’t have walked on that stage in the bedazzled bikini without you!

Let’s see what year 31 turns up…should be exciting!

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  1. LOVE this post! What a great (and contagious) attitude you have. Wishing you have your best year yet! xo

  2. Nicole Paradis-Clancy says

    Happy belated B-day! and the bag does look fabulous!

  3. Great post! 🙂 I couldn’t help but smile to match yours as I read it — and you’re right that gym bag is freaking awesome!

  4. That sounds like a perfect birthday. and you looked SO cute in your outfit. I think everything went together perfectly!!

  5. You’re so cute! Happy birthday again!

  6. Aw, happy birthday! You are one disciplined gal – good job!

  7. What a fun post to read! Happy belated birthday! With an attitude like yours, life is just going to get better & better.

  8. How fabulous. Sounds like a great day and the start to a great year.

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