Ode To A Grain

A fondness has grown in my heart for a grain, a grain I never knew existed until my fabulous friend who is a bodybuilding superstar casually mentioned it. When you are constantly counting carbs, fats, and proteins finding a fabulous food that works for you is glorious.

Yes, Kasha. Nope, not Kashi – Kasha!

I had no idea what she was talking about. Then when I figured out it was a hot cereal I was less than enthusiastic about trying it. I HATE oatmeal, cream of wheat, and anything else hot cereal-esque; but because I admire her so much I gave it a go.

Wow, am I glad I got past my presuppositions about hot cereal to give this a try.

Who doesn't love a hot cereal that has a cute man named Bob on the label?

The 12 minutes that it takes to cook seems to take FOREVER! I usually check my iPhone about 12 times in that 12 minutes to see how much longer I have to wait. I suddenly turn into a VERY inpatient woman.

It is a good thing I have the coffee to sustain me while I wait for it to cook!

I am currently cycling carbs, so I only eat it every fourth day for breakfast which means I only get it once a week with my daily egg white scramble.

At least I know breakfast will be absolutely fabulous at least once a week!

1 teaspoon of light butter, a dash of salt, and a heavy handed shake of cinnamon creates the perfect balance of yumminess.

Mmmm! A smile is spreading across my face just looking at this! I try to eat it as slow as I can, but I usually can't hold back.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think and know that I am jealous that you are eating it and I am not!!!

Here’s to breakfast, some of the best moments of my week!

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  1. 12 min can seem like an eternity huh! Can you pre-cook it and just heat it up? Funny I have never heard of this magical product. Perhaps it’s a Canada thing! I currently am addicted to oatbran – maybe I’ll try this when I run out…
    What about posting a day in the life of DL? What time you get up, workouts, and meals, etc…I bet that would be interesting.. Each of the BOB’ers can also take a turn? I think people would fall asleep reading mine however LOL !

  2. I always soak grains to reduce cooking time and reduce phytic acid. I take 1/4 cup gluten free steel-cut oats and mix with 1/4 cup kasha. Soak in 1 1/2 cup hot water in a covered pot or skillet overnight. My favorite add-in is pumpkin pie spice.

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