Fast Food Figure Style

If the world were a perfect place I would have a chef that cooked me fabulously portioned meals that met all of my macronutrient requirements, I would never had to chop or measure a thing, and I wouldn’t have to eat the stir fry that I accidentally made ‘blackened’. Sometimes you are just so hungry that ‘blackened’ is way better than waiting another 30 minutes required to put together an edible stir fry!

Unfortunately the world isn’t perfect, but it sure is funny! I need to eat on the run like everyone but McDonalds, Wendy’s, Tim Horton’s, and every other fast food place on the planet just aren’t an option for me.

So I have fast food Figure Competitor style!


What do you do Figure Competitor style?

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  1. Yes!! Sometimes I DO wish I were like everyone else and could decide what was “healthy” 😛 I was JUST telling my sister that yesterday when we were at the mall —I miss the days when a fruit smoothie at the mall could be a meal replacement and say things like, “but it’s NATURAL sugar”

    I try to time my meal so I can “munch” on brown rice during a movie instead of popcorn 😛 yeah, that bulge from my coat pocket is my tupperware of rice

  2. You are super awesome and inspiring. It really is all in the preperation which I have to start doing especially when I’m out on the weekends. Have a great day!

    • Why thank you! Yes, the preparation is key. Even my husband is on board now. Before we leave he asks me questions like, “Do you have food in case we are out for awhile?” Hilarious!

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