Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Who is the strongest Figure Competitor of them all?

Today it was not me. Don’t get me wrong, I went through the motions today:

  • Up at 5 am
  • Breakfast of champions – egg white scramble and kasha
  • Shoulder and arm work out that would make Peter proud
  • Epic salad with low fat, low carb dressing for lunch
  • No cream or sugar in my coffee
  • No artificial sweeteners or fake food, ate only healthy and clean food
  • Hit all my macronutrients for the day
  • Coached several clients and worked on my consulting project with discipline

But today was one of my weakest days that I have had in a long, long time.

Looking in the mirror this morning, I chose to see a woman that is chubby, not worth fighting for, a lost cause, and medium at best. Then I believed all of these things about myself and lived the whole day from a place of weakness, sadness, and disappointment. I let myself believe that I have no impact on my world and I only have the choice to float through the day reacting to what may possibly come my way.

What the world? Where did the Donloree we all know and love go?!

Time for a massive perspective shift!

Time for some truth.

I truly know that you are all unique, special, and fabulous and that the world is changed and shaped by you living to your full and amazing potential each and every day that you do it.

Umm…so why doesn’t this apparently apply to me?

I have forgotten to exercise my mind; the strongest muscle that any woman can ever have.  Who cares if my delts are growing and I have great arms if I can’t live my life the way I was made to live it? If I don’t live up to my full potential and be as big and wonderful as I should be? If I don’t know who I am and don’t banish the lies I believe about myself from my mind?

I am not about to sit down and eat a carton of ice cream smothered in caramel and chocolate sauce with whipped cream on top. Doing so would severely inhibit my progress with my physical goals for muscle growth and fat loss. Yet I have been feeding my brain nothing but ice cream, candy bars, and chips!

It is time.  Time to feed my mind only healthy and clean things.  It is time to fully exercise and strengthen the one muscle that has the power to shift my world!

Tomorrow, there will be no question who the strongest Figure Competitor of them all is! Tomorrow I will start my day with my with strength and my samurai-esque bed head hairdo.

Watch out world, here I come!!

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  1. Cindy Smith says

    I think all of us struggle with the mental war that rages on a day to day basis. Why is it so hard to hold our heads high and be proud of our accomplishments – be it making a healthier choice in coffee at Starbucks, running that extra mile on the treadmill, accomplishing that extra set even though excruciating…….? Just know that when you have those doubts and days like today that there are many of us who are SO inspired by what you have accomplished and continue to accomplish. I wish I had half of the will and determination that you have demonstrated over the last year. One thing I do often when I’m in a “mental fog” is play it forward to someone else. Make it a point to find something to compliment someone about, hold the door for someone, contact a friend I haven’t chatted with for a while. I’ve heard of folks who have paid the bill for those behind them in the drivethru at Starbucks. Never done that, but thinking someday I just might…….

    • We should make tomorrow our pay it forward day! You are so right, doing something for others ALWAYS makes me feel better. Less focus on me and my inconsequential issues is always a good thing. Good perspective woman!

  2. Donloree, you are such an inspiration! I read your blog every day, it gives me the motivation I need to make healthy choices. Thank-you!

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