Figure Prep Results In Random Life Skills

While training for competition, you will find yourself doing many unexpected things. Things you never thought you would do.  Things you never even considered doing; some fabulous and others just plain weird.

  • Gluing a woman you’ve never met before into skimpy bikini – weird
  • Completing 15 man push-ups in a row – fabulous
  • Purchasing 5 inch lucite heels from a website that makes you blush – weird
  • Having more self confidence than you’ve ever had before – fabulous
  • Getting three coats of spray tan applied to you and not being able to shower or wear a bra for 3 days – weird

After awhile, nothing shocks you anymore.  By completing a competition, you’ve seen and done more than many people do in a lifetime. After standing on a stage and bearing your soul to the world, you can do anything.

The unexpected becomes expected. Your mental strength is as strong, if not stronger, than your physical strength.

Perhaps that is why when the fire alarm went off this evening and the security doors slammed shut, I calmly donned my knee length down-filled jacked and meandered down the stairs to see what was going on.  Upon arriving on the smoked filled 1st floor I serenely pointed out the fire extinguishers to the panicked man running in circles and went outside to get out of the smoke. The fire department was nowhere to be seen, so I started to fish in my purse for my phone only to realize I left it on the kitchen counter. At that moment I also realized that I forgot something else critical; my bra.

In the last month of training you learn the fine art of staying calm not matter what is happening. Rolling with the punches and not panicking or stressing is critical to your success.  So I just shrugged my shoulders and met all my neighbours in my braless state.

While smoke billowed out of the first floor and 8 fire trucks arrived simultaneously with their sirens screaming, I wondered when I would be able to get back in the house for my epsom salt bath.  My arms still feel like lead pipes and I had planned on going to bed early.

Then a fit man in a yellow fireman suit made the announcement that we had to wait 2-3 hours until we could get back into our house.

So there I was without a bra or phone, two things every woman needs, but I was safe. I guess I can cross off ‘Escape from a burning building with my life, but not my bra or phone” from my bucket list.

Thankfully my Figure Competition gave me the life experience of being in public without a bra. The three hours spent at Second Cup were nothing compared to the 3 days of not being able to wear a bra while I got the fake tan layered on. Who knew I would need the skill of not being awkward in public while not wearing a bra?

I’m just glad it was only 3 hours this time and not 3 days!

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  1. Ok, let me start by saying that I am thankful nobody was hurt. NOW…I laughed hysterically at your description of the event. I feel like I was in your head as it was happening. Love that you found the humor in a pain in the rear situation!! Hopefully you get some rest!

  2. Um, sounds like an interesting evening! Hope everyone is ok.

  3. Ahh my condo alarm goes off all the time… I love your blog- was wondering if you were gonna do a post about your eating and exercise habits – curious to know what your macronutrient ratio is.

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