Today’s Good Idea May Be Tomorrow’s Inability To Move

During my training session last week, Peter and I had a discussion about my goal of gaining muscle and what I need to change to ensure that it is happening. One of the things we discussed was lifting to complete failure with good form. I was totally on board with the lifting until failure, but not always using good form.

It is so interesting to use good form! Suddenly when you’re doing push ups with your elbows tucked right into your side, they only use your triceps and it is intense! Getting 8 done before I collapsed on my face into a heap of Donloree Ridiculousness was VERY HARD.

Nonetheless, I love it.  I love feeling sore the day after working hard; it means I killed it!

Yesterday, with the voice of Peter in my head, I decided to use my good form tactic on my chin ups. My workout for the day called for 50 assisted chin ups, but I decided to take it to the next level! I can do a few unassisted chin ups in a row and decided that I would do all 50 unassisted no matter how long it took. After all, it was shoulder day and my heaviest lifting week for the month. If there was any day this month to build shoulders, this was the day! I decided to carpe the diem like any good Figure Competitor would do.

I found a platform to stick under the chin up station, hopped on, and got chinning up like a mad woman. After completing 7 chin ups in good form I dropped to the floor for a break. A woman across the weight area caught my eye, beamed a smile in my direction, and gave me two thumbs up. Then she mouthed, “AWESOME!”

I felt like a superstar.

The next 15 minutes were comprised of me doing chin ups with great form in small sets. By the time I arrived at 42 I thought my arms were going to fall off. Thankfully my competitive streak kicked in and I finished the last 8 with good form.

I completed the rest of the shoulder work out and felt like a million bucks! I was walking with my head held high and there was nothing I couldn’t overcome.

Then I woke up today.

Today I feel like I am going to die. I can barely move without my body screaming out in protest. I swear that you can hear my shoulders and back creak when I move.

I didn’t really think about needing my shoulders to do simple things in life, but suddenly they are painfully obvious to me.

  • Unloading the clean dishes from the dishwasher into the overhead cupboards
  • Putting my shirt on
  • Shifting my manual transmission car from first to second gear
  • Drinking coffee
  • Chopping up veggies for my epic salad

Seeing how I could barely function today, I made it a rest day. Tomorrow is leg day…let’s hope I don’t get too many crazy ideas about to have perfect form while doing squats and walking lunges!

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  1. Good job for 1) Doing 50 of those puppies and 2) Listening and taking a rest day for your body to recover! Sometimes knowing when to rest is the hardest thing! 🙂


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