12 Years To Be Trustworthy Enough…

All of my adult life I have never had a scale in my house. When I was heavy it was because I didn’t want to know how much I really weighed.  I didn’t want to face the fact that I was in Obese Class 1, I wanted to pretend that I was healthy and fit. I enjoyed being delusional about my weight and possible health issues because it seemed too hard to make the necessary changes.

Weighing myself has never been a thing I look forward to.

I am a sturdy woman; built for the farm.  I come from a German lineage of hardworking people that required excess weight on them to make it through the hard winters. If I had to bring the harvest in, haul grain to feed the animals, or lift bales of hay all day I would most likely appreciate my sturdy frame and tendency to keep a reserve of energy, aka Muffin Top. If that were the case, I wouldn’t care a whit about how much I weighed.

When you’re a Figure Competitor your weight is an indicator, not the be all and end all, but an indicator of where you are at. So I weigh myself at the YMCA every day after I work out. This is less than ideal. I could be dehydrated or overly hydrated depending on the workout went and how much water I consumed during the workout. Lately my weight has been fluctuating 3-4 pounds throughout the week.

It is not a good feeling to step on the scale and have ‘gained‘ 4 pounds in the last 18 hours. That would be nearly impossible. I eat around 1,300 calories a day right now; if I were to consume 12,000 calories in 18 hours you would find me in the ER with heart palpitations!

So I bit the bullet and purchased my very first scale.

I went for the pretty chrome and glass one. After all, it needs to go with the bathroom decor!

To only weigh myself once a day when I first wake up is going to take some discipline. Possibly more discipline than not eating the peanut butter straight out of the jar. I have to be satisfied with whatever the scale says and not try to trick it into having me weigh less as the day progresses.

I am only allowed to do this once a day.

I apparently have very hobbit-esque vascular feet...veins are fun, but not popping out like crazy on your feet! Sexy? I think not!

I have waited 12 years to be responsible enough with my self esteem and self worth to have a scale in my house. I have stopped eating the peanut butter straight out of the jar like a crazy lady, so I have hope that I can be responsible with the scale.

I also hope that darn number starts to drop!!

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  1. You may find that once a day is to much. I had to limit myself to once a week. That way I don’t beat myself up for gaining a lb in one day.

    • My nutritionist wants to know what I weigh every day, so I have to weigh myself every day. I am working on not tying my self worth to the scale, so this should be a good exercise! Sounds like you’ve got a pretty healthy perspective on things!

  2. Once a day is enough for me, but i agree with stacie, once a week might be better! We could do it together and pick a day – i have the same scale! 🙂

  3. How much more weight would you like to lose? Just wondering as I think you already look amazing!

    • Thank you Bev!! I am not that concerned about the number on the scale, rather the body fat percentage. I am going to compete again in April, so I am doing a slow lean down and muscle growth plan. The scale helps us know how on track we are for our goals. I also have to have my fat rolls pinched once a week! Fun times! 😉

  4. Cindy Smith says

    Agree with Staci and Michelle that for me once a week is plenty, but guess realize your nutritionist wants a daily weigh-in. The trainer I went to when we lived in Idaho was insistent that I not weigh in more than once a week as there can be quite a bit of fluctuation from day to day that can be discouraging. That’s probably when you’re in the midst of the battle of the pounds as opposed to moving on to body fat percentage. You’re such a strong, fabulous girl that we all know you’ll be reaching your goal.

  5. Eeee! a scale! ^__^ I love it when I gain weight and look smaller – I think it is a hoot 😛 I mostly just wanted to comment to say….I HAVE HOBBIT FEET TOO!! Major veinage going on!

    I think I will start weighing myself once a week for data purposes – I might learn from the info.

    Fun post ^_^

  6. Did your nutritionist recommend weighing yourself in the morning or does the time of day matter? I’ve been weighing myself every second evening.

    • I am to weigh myself when I first get up. Interestingly enough I decided to weigh myself tonight and compare it to this morning – 3 pounds up! That would be all the water, food, etc. So first thing in the morning definitely makes sense!!

      • I did the exact same thing with the same results! After weighing myself last night, I weighed again first thing this morning and the difference was almost 3 pounds! From now on, I’ll be weighing in the morning!

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