If you are anything like I was 6 weeks ago, you have no idea what the heck 1RM means. Years ago, I worked for the government and got used to all the acronyms that were thrown around. They had acronyms for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. At a certain point words were no longer required and we merely talked in letters. You were looked down upon if you didn’t know what the letters stood for, so I quickly became adepts at nodding my head and looking up the letters in the acronym reference book after the meetings.

I am not joking, there was an actual 45 page book that had all the acronyms in it.

So one day when I was asked over Twitter if a weight was my 1RM, I promptly responded with ‘Yes‘. Then I wondered what the heck it was that I just agreed to.

1RM = One Rep Maximum.

I am currently training to increase that number each month by lifting heavy 4 times a week and constantly trying to increase the load and repetitions that I can complete with good form. My goal is to grow healthy muscle and become stronger as the months go by.

While I have been training hard to grow my shoulders and legs and possibly find my abs, I have forgotten to work on the 1RM for the most important muscle; my mind. Disappointment, negativity, self doubt, and a lack of discipline have crept into my life; none of which are good form!

Today my 1RM is complacency, dissatisfaction, and low self esteem. Tomorrow, with good form, I will train to increase my 1RM to self confidence, pride in what I have accomplished and where I am going, positive attitude, and a disciplined life.

Tomorrow marks the day when the real training begins.

Tomorrow I increase my 1RM!

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