Teetering on the Edge of Balance

In elementary school I usually spent recess in the library reading books or scouring the shelves for books I hadn’t read yet. On the days when I went outside to play I could be found twirling on a bar or on the teeter totter.

I avoided the merry go round like the plague.

Within about 7 seconds of being on the merry go round I would feel extremely sick and panic gripped my heart. I had to get off NOW. Fearful screaming ensued and my friends would bring the merry go round to an abrupt halt.

Once my stomach settled back down into my abdomen and the world stopped spinning, I would find a sensible friend to go on the teeter totter with me. My favorite thing was to perfectly balance the two of us so we were both floating serenely above the earth with our legs dangling freely.

The worst feeling was when your friend just decided to get off the darn teeter totter and not tell you. Suddenly, you find yourself sitting in the dirt with a pain in your bum and your knees up around your ears. Getting up after such a surprising fall to the earth is anything but graceful.

Today I find myself sitting in the dirt with my knees up around my ears. I was humming along in life just fine, but suddenly I am completely out of balance. Training HARD, eating so disciplined, being self employed, trying to figure out what to be when I grow up, having a family, and trying to have time for friends and hobbies cannot be done all at once.

I forgot, I am not superwoman.

What I have been missing in my life is rest. I have said yes to everything and by doing that I have said no to rest and rejuvenation. Rest is an important part of training, it is what helps bring balance to your life so that you don’t find yourself sitting in the dirt with a sore bum from the jolt of unexpectedly dropping like a 140 pound brick to the ground.

Tomorrow I am going to stand up and brush myself off and start over again, but I have a feeling my bum may be sore for awhile…

What have you been saying no to that would bring you more balance in your life?

Heck, I may even take a nap tomorrow!

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