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I never knew that 140 characters would be such an integral part of my training for a Figure Competition. When I decided to start my blog to share my journey from being a woman that thought she had a round face, but was in actuality was just fat to wearing a skimpy, bedazzled bikini in a Figure Competition, I thought to myself “Hey, I should start a Twitter account!” And so I did just that.

Turns out I *heart* Twitter . Through this somewhat strange and random place, I have found fabulous competitors and people that share their lives, tips, recipes, and workouts and help you to know that you aren’t the only woman in the world that can tell you without blinking that 100 grams of cucumbers has 4 carbs.

These are my people!

Every day I ‘meet‘ someone new and get to share in their story, learn about them, or be challenged by who they are.

Today I was challenged to think about all the ‘What If’s’ by Kara Silva and her blog.

So what if indeed?

  • What if you believed in yourself enough to admit your dreams out loud?
  • What if you stopped listening to the naysayers?
  • What if you just went for it?
  • What if you lived like failure didn’t matter?
  • What if you’re worth it?
  • What if its hard, but you did it anyways?

Now that’s a life I want to live!

If you want to follow a fabulous group of women who live this way, check out the Bikini Or Bust Competitors.  They inspire me to live past my ‘What if’s’ and step more fully into who I am every single day.

What if you got past some of your ‘What If’s’?

Would you train for a Figure Competition?

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