Figure Competitor Shopping Woes

The only reason I can still wear my jeans is because they are a tapered fit and my thighs are rather muscular. The jeans are hanging on by the thighs, nothing else. Oh and my belt that is cinched to the max.  If it weren’t for my thighs and that darn belt I wouldn’t have anything left to wear on my bottom half.

I am down to two skirts, one dress, one pair of jeans, and one pair of dress pants. My wearable wardrobe has shrunk to almost nothing. Thank goodness for stretchy Lululemon pants; they are my saving grace!

With this problem, you would think I would be shopping like a mad woman, but I am not. Whenever I buy something it only fits for a small amount of time, so unless it’s $5 it really doesn’t make sense to purchase it. I just need more belts!

I can’t even justify buying more shoes…and I can’t believe I am saying this…but I think I have enough…

This is just my boot collection...I have other 'collections'....

My shopping muscle is about to atrophy. This is serious folks! Grocery shopping just is not the same as clothes shopping. Purchasing a fabulous pineapple just doesn’t do the same things for you as purchasing a sexy little black dress or a stylish winter coat.

Luckily for me, I think I found something to strengthen my shopping muscles. A Figure Competitor gym bag. Currently I use reusable grocery bags as my gym bag.

Things fall out and I can't find my keys when I throw them in the bag on my way into the gym. Living in the arctic, this can quickly end up being a matter of life or death!

As much as I like grocery shopping, I don’t need to constantly be reminded of my vegetable-aholic tendencies.

It’s time to find myself a cute, stylish gym bag that gives me added panache each and every morning.

I think I have found a solution! The Core.

Sturdy but cute - just like me! 😉

And it’s on sale this weekend…AND it’s my birthday in a few weeks. So in an effort to help my husband out, shouldn’t I just purchase my own birthday present? I mean, he has to buy TWO gifts in one month for me.  That’s enough to cause the bravest of men to cringe.

The inside is fun and sassy. Women totally get this. It's the same as wearing fuchsia underwear with your sensible black power suit.

I have the bedazzled suit and the clear heels and have had three coats of spray tan applied to me….yet I haul my workout gear around in a reusable grocery bag. It makes perfect sense that I purchase myself a kick-arse gym bag, a Figure Competitor worthy gym bag.  Right?

After all, April 9th is just 133 days away and I need to be prepared! Is it time for my to get my shopping muscles in motion again?

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  1. Oh gosh .. I have nearly as many gym bags as I do shoes! … (and I have a separate room just for my shoes lol)

  2. Somewhere along the way I realized I have more workout clothes than regular clothes. Laundry at the end of the week is 75% workout gear. I figure if it’s your thing, then get all the work-out gear that makes you feel good. Like a great bag!

  3. i have an entire closet dedicated to workout/cycling/running/swimming attire and accessories – it could be worse – we could be addicted to drugs or drinking! I say buy it and if you dont I will buy it for you!

  4. Um I freaking LOVE that gym bag…you should go for it!!

    • I did. I went for it and called it my birthday present. Jon will be relieved to find out that he doesn’t have to buy me anything. And we won’t be going out for supper, so easy peasy for him! I am officially the best wife on the planet for purchasing my own gift. 😉

  5. oh and ps…I haul my things in grocery sacks too haha!!


  1. […] know that it is a totally weird request, but  I already have my two front teeth and I bought myself the gym bag I wanted so that I stop hauling my stuff around in reusable grocery bags.  There really isn’t anything […]

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