If The Grocery Store Was a Man, He Would Think I Was In Love With Him!

I go to a grocery store almost every single day of my life now. I just can’t get everything I want at one grocery store AND it won’t all fit in my fridge at once. We live in a condo and there is no room for a second fridge to house all of my vegetables. In my Figure Competitor brain, it all makes perfect sense.

  • Safeway has the tastiest bread for the least amount of carbs and the low-fat butter that still tastes good.
  • SaveOnFoods has the best coffee and the 10 calorie ginger salad dressing that I adore.
  • Costco is the mother of all grocery stores and is my source for egg whites, greek yogurt, chicken, mushrooms, and low-fat cheese.
  • The italian market has scads of veggies at ridiculously low prices, but you have to dig and do a thorough review of the veggies before you buy them…there is a reason the bag of 8 cucumbers is 99 cents…

The list goes on and on…Hella’s, Planet Organic, Superstore…

I think I may eat more vegetables in a week than a family of 5 consumes in a month!

Not only do I spend tons of time looking at these kinds of sights in my week:

I can buy a whole grocery bag filled to the brim with vegetable for $20 at the Italian Market. I *heart* the short Italian man that moved to the arctic and opened up this store! God bless his soul!!

When I get home I have to spend time chopping, slicing, and dicing

My fridge is burgeoning with veggies that can be taken on the run at any time. I am always prepared!

If you open up your friend's fridge to get a drink of water and Ziploc containers filled to the brim with vegetables accost you, she is training for a competition. No questions asked!

Please tell me that I am not the only one that has a fridge that looks like this. If I am then I am officially worried that I am a vegetable-aholic. Is there a 12 step program for this?

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  1. Funny stuff! You are not the only one. My fridge looks the same BUT it’s because we are a family of five. With two teenage boys who eat like crazy (growing up like weeds) I always feel like I’m on low supply and am always at the grocery store, any one of them!

  2. How nice to have all those grocery stores to be in love with! There’s only one in our small rural town and it’s probably tiny in comparison to the ones you’re used to shopping in.

    • I am totally blessed! Where do you live? I am off to rural Saskatchewan for Christmas, so I am going to have to bring a ton of things with me! 😉

      • I live in Sedgewick, a town of about 900 people 2 hours southeast of Edmonton. Depending on which highway you take to Saskatchewan, you might go right by. Don’t blink or you’ll miss us! 🙂

  3. wow – so you’re not alone -but your fridge is so organized! Mine is a mish mash of stuff – and I know I am wasting a lot of real estate in there too by not using those ZIPLOCK CONTAINERS!

  4. Yep. I shop like that too, and don’t look half as good as you do! Best price for coffee here, good meat and prices there, best produce at another store completely, gotta buy bread from Anna, and since my work includes driving, I stop at the stores I’m going past. And if we’re going to eat in the manner we like, it includes lots of time chopping veggies. I spend time organizing my fridge so it has space for what I need, and I know what’s in it. Yep.

  5. Melanie Robinson says

    DL, have you heard of SLASH gone to H & W PRODUCE? If you haven’t, we may have to make a date of it. Its heaven. AND the prices are rediculous.

  6. I sadly think the most stable relationship I have had in the past 10+ yrs has been with grocery stores! I love them! I could walk around food/supplement stores all day! Nice to see another fellow Canadian who loves grocery shopping! I wish we had more of the stuff the States has (brands, products etc)- especially at Costco! It’s so hard to get some things in regular stores due to ‘labelling’ issues. Which cheese do you buy @ Costco?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Ooh! I LOVE Costco cheese. It totally depends on what my macros are set at for what cheese I buy. If I get more fat in my diet I am all over the 6 year old cheddar, the Guerye in the blue package, havartti, or the 2 year old cheddar. I love ricotta too! Oh and the BRIE!!!! I am a cheese-aholic! 😉 Currently though, I just get the Cracker Barrel low-fat old cheddar…totally boring! 🙂 What’s your favorite?

  7. I wish we had the laughing cow light flavors the States has! My all time would be to find fat free Ricotta and Quark! I love quark and haven’t had it in a long time! I went to grab some 4% today and the store was all out! I love all cheese! I am feeling like some Havarti and goat cheese (reminds me of my childhood) and smoked Gouda! I also LOVE Bocconcini!


  1. […] much as I like grocery shopping, I don’t need to constantly be reminded of my vegetable-aholic […]

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