Why I Love Bodybuilding

I get asked a lot why I like bodybuilding or why I do it. There are tons of stereotypes out there about bodybuilders, especially women bodybuilders. Being an all-natural athlete, I promise there is no way I can have arms the size of tree trunks nor am I suddenly going to develop a man voice from doing too many leg presses.

So to answer the many queries, my top five reasons I love bodybuilding this week are:

1. When the skinny 19 year old boy at Costco can’t heft the epic reusable bag into the cart, I can do it with ease using only one hand.  I LOVE saying, “No worries. I’ve got it. I’m a bodybuilder.” Then I bat my eyelashes for good measure. The shock and awe on his face makes me giggle and I am on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

2.  There is no ‘we‘ in bodybuilding. I despise team sports. I grew up reading books for goodness sake! I have no idea how to strategize a play or how man to man defense differs from zone defense. I just run around on the field and try to avoid crashing into people whenever I am forced to play soccer, baseball, basketball, or ultimate frisbee. If you’re looking for a person to play summer league this year, you aren’t going to want to call me!

3. I feel like if there was a huge accident that I could leap over tall buildings, heft cars off people, or perform some super human feat to save someone. I have embodied the Boy Scout’s mantra to ‘Always Be Prepared‘, so much so that I am looking for ways to display my super woman powers throughout the day. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to pry open a car door with my bare hands to save a small family from a near death experience.  Maybe one day….one day soon…

4. My name is Donloree and I am totally quirky. My name shocks and surprises people about 78% of the time. It’s just nice to have something NEW to shock people with.

5. If I can do this, anyone can train, compete, and be a bodybuilder. Don’t tell, but this is my favorite reason. I want the world to know that if you put your mind and heart into something it CAN be achieved. If the woman that used to think she just had a round face and wouldn’t go swimming due to complete awkward shame can rock a bedazzled suit, you can do it too!

Why do you love being a bodybuilder?

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  1. Awesome post 🙂 I loved #1 especially and I know the feeling. People are shocked when I help my husband lug around things just like one of the “guys”. I always say that I love it because you get what you give. If you train and diet, you will see results. If you stay on the couch with Messrs Ben and Jerry, you will gain weight. It’s really that one thing you can count on to always be fair. Where else in life is that true?

  2. very interesting and true statements or blogs..People can and will do what he or she wants to do..I am not a body builder but I do believe in keeping in shape from some form of exercise.

  3. I love it simply because it makes me feel good, inside and out. I can be proud of my body now and I’ve never been able to say that. And I just feel strong. Someone gave me the coolest compliment the other day. He said, “wow Lisa, you look so healthy.” I loved that!!!

  4. Being fit and strong makes me feel proud. And, like you, I like the feeling that if crisis beckoned I could run accross the desert to save my family.

  5. I think you have way more than 5!
    I also love the veins popping out! I think it’s cool !

  6. I love it because it makes me feel like I can do anything. Like Susan, I feel like I can stnad proud because I know I busted arse to get as strong as I am or to look how I [will] look. I love it because it is constant growth, mentally sometimes more than physically–and it shows my husband he’s worth the effort to keep myself up 😉

  7. I also like the feeling of being stronger because of my formed muscles but above all, I like how my clothes fit well on my body. and of course, I’m after the overall health benefits of exercises and proper diet.

    Justin Woltering

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