Thanksgiving Bikini Or Bust Style

I am a Camerican. Yup, I am an American AND Canadian citizen. Let me tell you one thing, this being Camerican makes border crossing rather complex some days! Then throw in having 12 almonds discovered in a ziploc baggie lurking in your purse and before you know what’s happening a surly woman in a blue security outfit is giving you a pat down!

The Bikini Or Bust Competitors are putting on their game face for American Thanksgiving, even the ones that aren’t American OR Camerican!  In order to stay focussed over the holiday, we have all set some mini-goals.  All of us have committed to working out hard and watching what we eat, just as you would expect. But what I love about this group of women is that the focus isn’t just about working out and eating; it’s about the whole person. It’s about living a healthy and balanced life and not forgetting to be thankful.

So here are some of the goals that the women have set that completely inspire me!

  • Be thankful for everything in my life, my hubby, kids, family, friends, and health. I’m not going to complain once. Not even about myself or how I look!
  • Being here to lend support to the other team members.
  • Find one thing to be thankful for every day and write it down.
  • Wake up and think positive thoughts, in regards to myself, my marriage, my kids and my friends – new and old.
  • Not overeating on my Thanksgiving meal, stopping at satisfied!
  • Turkey Day Burn – 800 calories will be burned on turkey day!
  • Start a daily journal or blog.
  • Thank God daily for the opportunity and capacity (physically, financially, emotionally) to pursue such a big goal of competing in this challenging sport!

The Bikini Or Bust competitors are kicking it into Super Sonic mode, as Susan would say, for the Thanksgiving week! How are you going to make this week amazing? Join us in the Super Sonic Thanksgiving by letting us know what you are going to do to make it amazing!

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