What a Woman Really Wants

The other day while I was letting all of the penguins escape from the fridge and contemplating what food to cram into my mouth, I asked myself “Hmmm…what do I want?

Usually I come up with things like ice cream, peanut butter M&M’s, chocolate cake, Zesty Doritos, or some sort of pasta dish. This time a weird thought came into my mind. A thought that seemed clearer than most of my thoughts so far that day.


Yup, that’s right. I wanted someone to be with me. The reason I probably had this very clear and honest thought was the fact that I had just finished eating a gallon sized salad. There was no actual way I could put another thing in my stomach and live to tell about it. You know it’s a big salad when it takes you a solid hour to eat it!

With this information in hand, I decided to label my food with what they mean to me when I eat them outside of my allotted food for the day. I’m obviously not eating peanut butter out of the jar because it’s part of my eating plan, I must be looking for something else.

I learned some interesting things when I asked myself, “What do you want?” when I looked at each of the foods I was likely to indulge on.

You know you are eating really clean when your 'bad foods' are bran buds. rice cakes, and quinoa!

Apparently I don’t want food at all! I want things like control, satisfaction, fulfillment, comfort, and to be entertained.

It's really bad when I decide I want 'comfort' AND ' satisfaction'!

So now what?

Now I can choose to do something different than eat when I want one of these things. I need to come up with a list of things I can do when I am looking for these things. For instance, if I want satisfaction I could knock a bunch of items off my task list, clean the bathrooms, or encourage someone else. There are tons of things I can do to get the same result that doesn’t involve hiding in the kitchen and eating the peanut butter straight out of the jar.

Any great ideas out there to how to fill the emotional void with healthy activities instead of food?

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  1. LOVE this post! Wow! That must have been eye opening! I don’t really have any ideas for filling those emotional voids. My one thing I turn to often is to play solitaire (the card version). It gives my hands something to do and challenges my mind as well. I also talk on the phone a good amount!! LOL!

    • It was TOTALLY eye opening. Today when I went to reach for the peanut butter I was reminded again how I actually don’t WANT the peanut butter. My next question to answer is, “Now what?” 🙂

  2. wow what a great idea and how enlightening! I think I would have one that said “SICK” 🙂

  3. I never even thought about thinking about exactly which emotion I was feeling when I reach for different types of food! Companionship and fulfillment would definitely be labels I would tack onto my food (actually, I might try this!). And I have the same problem you do with PB! I keep going back for more and more and more. Half the time, I just don’t keep it in the house! This was a great post though! Thank you!

    • I would love to hear what you find out if you try this. I am HORRIBLE with the peanut butter, but I want to be able to have it in my house so I am fighting through the emotional eating. 🙂

  4. Wow this is so great. How awesome to look so hard at yourself and figure this thing out. You are amazing. Really. I think I’m too lazy to figure it out with myself =) If I’m not emotionally eating, I’m cleaning like a champ. That takes my mind off eating and focused on something else.

  5. I guess that is one reason I knit…hard to eat and knit at the same time, although I have managed. I wish that you lived close enough so that we could chill together. You are a wonderful daughter! Miss ya!


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