5 Ways to Know You’re In The Off Season

I have entered into a whole new phase of training called the ‘off season‘. Let me tell you one thing, there is nothing ‘off‘ about it! I am eating as clean as ever and lifting heavier than I have ever lifted before.

There are a five things that seem to characterize this ‘off season‘ training:

1. You contemplate going to bed at 7:30 in the evening not because you’re tired, but because it means breakfast will come faster!

2. After shoulder or arm day lifting anything, even your coffee cup to your mouth, is an impossible feat.

3. The weekly trek to Costco results in you buying enough lean protein to feed a small country for a week. The expression on the clerk’s face is priceless once they figure out all the food is just for you and no one else.

I go through most of this in one week WITHOUT help from Jon. Impressive, if I say so myself!

4. You prefer standing room only because sitting down requires you to stand up again and it cannot be done without grimacing and a lot of blinking. It is always awkward to stand up after a long meeting only to nearly collapse due to DOMS.

5. Suddenly you have this ‘treat day’ introduced into your life. For most people that would mean eating cake, chips, pop, candy bars, and other ridiculous items. I indulge by eating salmon and copious amounts of greek yogurt, peanut butter, and quinoa.

Awkward moments? You bet, but it is worth it! Time to work hard in the ‘off season’ so that we can kick some Figure butt come spring. It’s time to work hard every training session, every set, and every meal of every day!

There are days when it is hard to get out of bed, have a positive attitude, and give your best effort because it seems like it doesn’t matter and no one is watching. It is in the moments when no one is watching when you build your strength and character so that when the time comes you can shine.

I choose to work hard today when no one is watching so that when the time comes I am ready, ready to shine like the woman of courage I know I am. Who’s working hard with me so they can shine when their time comes?

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  1. Fantastic post. So right, what we do in quiet moments when no-one is watching are often the most shining moments of character.

    By the way, can you get Liberte Greek 0% at Costco?! Do you mind if I ask how much you pay for it there? It’s so expensive at the organic markets (the only place I’ve found it so far in Calgary); and never thought of looking for it at Costco.

    • Yes you can buy it at Costco! The price of it is better for sure – $7.99 for two containers instead of the $5.28 per container at Planet Organic or SaveOnFoods. It’s still not super cheap though…I usually have one serving (20 grams of protein) split up in the day. So half a serving with some fruit or something right after my work out and then some in the afternoon or evening. I don’t have any protein shakes so I have decided that the cost is ok. 🙂

  2. You always brighten my days when I read your blog. Especially after the hectic and somewhat trying week we’ve had. Thanks! 🙂

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