The Impossible Dream

I like to do things that are complex, hard, and daunting. If you give me a task that is too simple to complete, I am most likely not going to do it. This is probably why I am rarely found cleaning the house, it’s just too easy to do…or something. Why clean a toilet when I could be trying to lift heavy items in the gym?

While training for my first Figure Competition, there were many, many times when I heard myself and others telling me that what I was trying to do was impossible; that it could not be done. If I had listened to them I would have thrown my hands up in defeat and drowned my sorrows in chocolate cake. Luckily I have a ‘stick it to the man’ complex and have to prove the world wrong. The impossible can be done, it just takes time, effort, focus, and heart. I am living proof of this.

The power, focus, and effort required to train and work towards a Figure Competition comes out of your heart. Without heart, it actually is impossible to finish the journey. Each and every day I am inspired by the heart displayed by the Bikini Or Bust Competitors. They have heart, and a ton of it. Enough heart to share the journey with each other and call each of us to live to a higher standard.

Heartfelt community is something that can change the world.

Here are the final four women that are participating in the Bikini Or Bust Challenge. They are changing their world and the world around them through how they are living their lives.


Pushing herself beyond self-imposed limits!


Sure of where she is going - no questions asked!


Competition Name: Serious About Fitness

Competition Date: June 2011

Current Stats

  • 129 pounds
  • Approximately 18% bodyfat
  • 5’4″


  • Gain confidence and satisfaction of sticking to what appears to be an impossible, an audacious, goal.
  • Be an 120 year old grandma who looks back on this one day and is proud of herself for overcoming fears and shame around her body
  • Learn that my body WILL respond to the training and that it IS possible for me to achieve a competition ready physique.
  • Learn that I have the ability to project confidence in tiny swimsuit in front of judges and crowd!
  • Demonstrate to my daughter how to choose a goal and work toward it regardless of naysayers well-meaning and otherwise.


I’m truly on my way.  I won’t and cannot stop now; the journey has already begun.

On the journey of a lifetime!

Competition Name: TBD

Competition Date: May 2011

Current Stats

  • 41 years old
  • 5’9″
  • Lost 14 pounds since Sept 2010


  • Learn what my true physical and emotional limits are
  • Learn to cook better and have more variety in my meals – more than 10 ways to cook chicken!
  • Achieve an impossible goal.
  • Complete one full chin up
  • The full package – awesome abs and no muffin top, bat wings, or bingo arms.
  • Self confidence to feel great about myself in a bikini
  • Set a good example for my kids and husband.


One competition completed, now to take the world by storm!

Competition Name2011 BSN Emerald Cup Bodybuilding Finals

Competition Date: April 16, 2011

Current Stats

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Weight: 125


  • Be relentless like the fitness models I admire.
  • Push myself further than I ever have before.
  • Set new goals, push past the mundane into new heights.


Still trying to figure out this crazy crazy life!!!

Giving the tough hockey players a run for their money!

Competition NameSydney Natural Physique Bodybuilding Titles

Competition Date: May 22, 2011

Current Stats

  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Weight: 139


  • Feel what it is like standing up in front of a crowd in a bikini with complete self confidence and know that I look great.
  • Learn how to fit in 6 small meals a day, because sometimes I find it ultra hard being ultra prepared.
  • I want to learn how to prepare my day no matter what is thrown at me.
  • Have the ability to deny a glass of wine when it is offered to me.
  • Reach a low percentage of body fat (Not sure what my percentage is now, so I don’t have my final goal yet, will keep you posted!)
  • Rippling six pack.
  • Look AMAZING in a simple white wedding dress.


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  1. What a fantastic group this is. Everyone is so inspiring!! Guts, grit, heart abound!!

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