It’s official. Winter has arrived in the arctic tundra where I live. The snow has started to fall, it’s dark by 5:30, and it’s COLD. Outdoor running requires 4 layers of clothing, a toque, and willpower. Sprinting the river valley stairs is reserved for the people that enjoy ambulance rides.

I am not that happy about it.

I'm wearing four layers of clothing and would require help to get up if I fell due to how rotund the clothing makes me!

Being grouchy about it does me no good. Complaining about my circumstances doesn’t help me one bit; it only makes me less of who I want to be.

Training for a bodybuilding competition has no room for complaining about the arctic tundra winters of life. So you have a muffin top, your metabolism is less than stellar, cellulite hangs around after spending an eternity on the treadmill, and building muscle takes forever. So what?

Now that I am in my ‘off season’* I have decided to add some fun back in my life.  My daily fun treat is SPLOOSH! of hot non-fat milk in my coffee at Starbucks.


It adds that little extra panache to my day and makes me smile every time I order it.

DL – Morning! May I have a grande dark roast with a SPLOOSH! of steamed non-fat milk?

Green Apron Clad Employee – Uh…sorry, a…uh…sploosh?

DL – Yes, a SPLOOSH! Just a smidgen of hot fabulousness in my coffee please.

Green Apron Clad Employee – Sure. One grande…sploosh? coming up…

I am going to SPLOOSH! this winter while I train harder than ever before for my competition in April. I am bringing my extra panache and smile to every workout and going enjoy the treats of health, fitness, and possibly some abs showing up on April 9!

How are you going to SPLOOSH! during your arctic winters of life?

*Can anyone explain this off season concept to me? I am working harder than ever before…there is absolutely nothing ‘off’ about it.

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  1. LOL – in the off season you *usually* get an increase in calories to help you train heavier to increase muscle mass.

    I also only have to do one set of cardio a day as opposed to two AND I get to eat crap every now and again … fun fun fun 😉

  2. My sploosh yesterday was a bday cupcake for my both my son’s bday. To make it worth my while, I took the one that had the most icing, cause I know it’ll be a long while before I do that again. It was awesome. I haven’t indulged like that for 3 months or so. We as well are having the same weather, long waits in the slow traffic, late for everything, patience wears thin. But, being angry at the weather doesn’t do me any good so I choose to enjoy where I’m at and turn up the sat radio.


  3. As you know, I’m not preparing for competition but I am working hard at maintaining a healthy weight & fitness level. I’ve been allowing myself one tiny treat a day. It may be as simple as a cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee every day but when I do, I take it with sugar and skim milk. From now on, I’m going to think of my treat as a SPLOOSH! I love words & I think you’ve come up with a great one!

  4. Jo-Anne Farley says

    I started running a couple of weeks ago and absolutely FROZE yesterday during my run as I didn’t dress for the weather. Yup, I think 4 layers, a toque and some mitts may help me tomorrow! Thanks for sharing and for your inspiring sploosh idea…!

  5. HAHA DL you crack me up! your off season comment and the “SPLOOSH” dialogue = awesomesauce

    I’m going to try your sploosh technique!

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