Not Snoozing Through Life

I grew up with a mom who is a very happy and perky morning person. I have vivid memories of her chatting away excitedly about the day to come while I scowled and dreamt about going back to bed. Her zest for life was not shared by me until now.  Every morning my alarm rings at 4:50 and I get up. I have banished the snooze button from my life. No need to start the day pushing it away; embracing the day starts from the moment I wake up.

The Bikini or Bust women are not snoozing through life. They have fully embraced living a focussed life that is filled with zest!

Here are some more goals they are about to accomplish!



I have always wanted to compete. To me it is the ultimate fitness goal.

Confidence and sureness marks all her travels; especially the journey to Figure!

Competition Name: INBF Natural Bodybuilding and Figure Classic

Competition Date: April 9, 2011

Current Stats

  • 5′ 8″
  • 163 lbs
  • 23% body fat


  • Self discipline!
  • Learn what my triggers for emotional eating are and how to overcome them.
  • Be part of the 2% of women that can do chin ups!


Pushing my limits to be something greater than I am right now.

I hear the Rocky theme song playing in the this just me?!

Competition NameManitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Association Novice Competition

Competition Date: March 19, 2011

Current Stats: As of October 28th, I have lost 7.5 pounds of body fat and 6.7 inches off my whole body. Next check in is November 19th – aiming for under 19% body fat!


  • Be fit and healthy and fabulous.
  • Learn how to live the fitness model lifestyle (just to be honest).
  • Curl 20lbs.
  • Eventually do a chin up.
  • Do an awesome photo shoot.


Building muscle and leaning out!

Ready to take on the world and fight the muffin top!!

Competition Name: Green Mountain Thaw

Competition Date: March 20, 2011

Current Stats

  • 5’1 1/2″
  • 116 lbs
  • No recent measurements, but they are coming soon!


  • Feel more comfortable on stage, knowing how to do the walks and posing this time.
  • Show off all of my hard work and feel good about my accomplishments.
  • Keep the learning process going and eventually do well enough to place!
  • Control my appetite
  • Learn new recipes and fun ways of eating contest prep foods!
  • I want to get rid of the muffin top!
  • Definitely kill those lower abs and lift/shape my glutes and upper hammys.
  • Drop some body fat. I’m not sure where I’m at but if I’d have to guess, probably about 20%.


I am not in this just to train for one competition, it is a whole lifestyle.

Detailed, dangerous, and on her way to qualify for nationals!

Competition Name: Muscle Contest 2011 – LA

Competition Date: March 26, 2011

Current Stats

  • 20.5% Body fat
  • 119 lbs


  • Prove to myself that I can make a whole lifestyle change,
  • Get on stage and know that I look my best and I did not cheat to get there.
  • Get to a place where two a day cardios are not necessary; where contest prep is more about diet adjustment and lifting a little heavier than trying to melt away stubborn body fat.
  • Understand what foods, diet components, and exercises work best for my body.
  • Qualify for nationals sometime this year.
  • 14% BF during off-season and 9% for competition.

Stop pushing snooze on life and come with us on the journey of a lifetime!

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  1. Very exciting! A great motivational blog. I get to sleep in compared to you; I’m up at 5:30am to meet my trainer @ 6am.

  2. “I have banished the snooze button from my life. No need to start the day pushing it away; ” I LOVE THIS!!!!

    Donloree, thank you for instituting the Bikini or Bust league of women. We are charged and ready and NOT doing it alone – this is all thanks to you!

  3. Nicole Paradis-Clancy says

    Good luck to all of you ladies – looks like I’ll see a few of you in Calgary in April 2011. Here’s a quote that applies to each of us:
    “Don’t merely seek to do it. Get busy working on it. Don’t just think about it, or talk about it, or plan for it, or wish you could have it done. Make the effort right now to make it happen…… Are you unsure about how to get started or what the next step should be? The fact is that you can never be sure, so go ahead and do what your heart tells you to do……… Are you worried about making mistakes or looking foolish or wasting your time? Just remember that the biggest waste of time, the most foolish looking mistake, is to sit around worrying and doing nothing……. There is immense value in the unique person you are. Every moment of every day is an opportunity for you to live and express that value in ways that will astound the world and fulfill your spirit…….. So what are you waiting for? Get motivated, get focused, get serious, get up, get going, get out there and make life as magnificent as you know it can be.” — Ralph Marston

  4. These women rock. Love this group!

  5. Yes, THANK YOU Donloree! It’s so great to have a huge support group, women going through the exact same things. I love it! I need to banish the snooze button too, what a great way of thinking. I hit mine for an hour every morning!!

    Nicole- very inspirational, thank you!

  6. Love this! Thanks!

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