Project Food Focus

Taking time to write in the blue journal that lives on top of my fridge when I want to over indulge, eat bad foods, or just find myself peering in the fridge for no good reason has been VERY insightful.

This weekend I am on the road at a conference and I hauled the little blue journal along. Yesterday while writing about my desire to buy M&M’s at the grocery store when I only needed chicken and peppers, I realized that I never just sit and eat. I am constantly eating AND:

  • driving
  • working
  • cleaning the house
  • reading
  • planning
  • writing
  • putting on my makeup
  • washing dishes
  • making supper for my husband
  • doing my hair

Staring Monday I am going to implement Project Food Focus!


This may mean that I will have a messier house, be found eating on the side of the road in my car, or get less done in the day; but I will focus on what is going in my mouth and be grateful for every morsel.

It is going to be interesting to see what I learn this week.  Who wants to join me in Project Food Focus on Monday?

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  1. Sounds like a good thing; learning about our self, the things we may not already know. I’d like to hone in on my triggers.

  2. Wow great and that’s awesome – how do you eat and put makeup on! AND I will have an EPIC SALAD kind of a day! LOL .. You crack me up!

  3. It says a lot about our lives when we can’t find time to simply eat and enjoy it! I’m sure that ‘intentional eating’ or ‘mindful eating’ as I’ve seen it called, is much better for us.

  4. I learnt a long time ago to sit down and eat my food and JUST eat (although I do sometimes chat with my husband). I notice that I feel fuller if I eat mindfully. Enjoy!

  5. I love this idea. I am going to start using a journal like you. I expect to learn a lot from this practice. Thanks!

  6. In the book Women Food and God by Geneen Roth she talks about that “mindful eating” It is def a great concept!

  7. Another good book, if you haven’t already read it, is “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto” by Michael Pollan. More about eating real food etc., but it’s very eye-openeing.

  8. Funny, I picked up a book years ago called “Medeterranean Women Stay Slim, Too” at a discount book store because awhile back, mostly because I love Medeterranean food and also because I HAVE noticed that the love/hate relationship pandemic with food has really cenetered itself in North American women.

    While the name is obviously a spoof on the extremely popular “French Women Don’t Get Fat”, from years past, they both call out the same principle of mindful eating (and both have really yummy recipes in them – goooooo Olive Oil!!!). Both books discuss the unhealthy relationship that women (primarily North American women) have with food; how it seems that North American women, more than any other woman in the world, struggle so much with weight and our relationship to food while eating so much “low-fat”, “fat-free” and wonkily modified food. Main reason? We don’t sit down and take the time to eat and we don’t eat real food.

    I mean when was the last time you thought about how delicious and filling each bite of sprouted grain bread you ate, was? Or the alternate, how “delicious” is that fast food burger you just wolfed down?

    Food for thought. 😉

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