Mulling, Savouring, and Remembering

I spent a large chunk of my day traveling from Edmonton to Calgary.  The drive is less than exhilerating.


Three hours of this. Good thing I had a venti dark roast with a sploosh of steamed non-fat milk to keep me company!


Ok, there are a FEW moments of excitement along the way…


Nothing quite like a good, old fashioned hill to break up the monotony of the drive. The hills keep drivers from having a stroke during the 3 hour drive!


The drive gave me time to think and ponder things I haven’t thought about for awhile.  Today is Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day if you are in America. I am blessed to live in one of the richest countries in the world and am free to live my life as I want without restriction.

While I ate my EPIC salad around Red Deer, I realized a few things.


It takes talent and about an hour to eat this salad while driving. Mixing in the dressing was the hardest part!


I am blessed to be able to worry about my muffin top, have a mental break down because I am going to wear a bedazzled suit on stage, and over indulge in peanut butter. They have given their lives so that I can have mine.

My biggest concern today was what happened to the mail that was stolen out of my car.


He took my personal mail to my friends and family, but left the change. Apparently he needs a good read more than a cup of joe.

I am honored and humbled by the sacrifice of men and women that have given their lives for me; a random Figure Competitor who lives in the arctic. With all my heart I say thank you.


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