Goals Don't Have To Put You Into A Coma

Most of us have, at one point in our lives, found ourselves in a boardroom in a semi-comatose state talking about goals. And not just any kind of goals, SMART Goals.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Time-based

Figure Competitors don’t have SMART Goals. They have audacious goals. Looking at myself one year ago, to think that I would have achieved this:

One of my boldest, most bedazzled moments in life.

would not have been described as SMART. Sure, sure it was specific, measurable, and time-based but so is watching grass grow. Nothing about what I set out to do was realistic or even that achievable by most standards. It is a fabulous feeling to break the mold of thinking and living in the box. Living audaciously is so much better!

I grew up reading books and having to stay after class to finish the requirements from PE class. Yup, I was the chubby girl that couldn’t finish the 3 mile run or 1 mile swim in the allotted class time, so I had to do it after school in order to graduate. Some people need math tutors, I needed a personal trainer. I always felt sorry for the PE teachers when they had to stay after with me. It was such a rare occurrence for them and they were never quite sure what to do with me.

Now I am part of an elite group of natural athletes.

So many athletes. So many muscles. So little clothing!

15 women are participating in the Bikini or Bust Challenge. This weekend we are going to share our audacious goals with you!

What kind of goals are you setting for yourself?

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  1. Jon Hoffman says

    Great post! Still hard to believe that you had to run 3 miles and swim 1 km to graduate from High School. I wish I went to your army academy because I’d be rocking in Triathlons now! One kilometer of swimming is so far, thats crazy! Hard to believe like how you have 16 ladies doing what you did…i’m excited to see their goals!

  2. I’m pumped!

  3. Cindy Smith says

    You’re such an inspiration, Donloree. I had no idea that you had to stay after school to run and swim to graduate (seems a bit extreme). Back in the day when I was in high school and in drillteam we had to weigh in every Friday (boy, that sure wouldn’t go over today would it?). If we weighed 3-5 pounds more than what they said we should weigh we couldn’t perform at the football game that evening. Get this – I am 5’6″ tall and was told I couldn’t weigh more than 122 pounds or I couldn’t participate. Scandalous!

    You have kicked me in the bootie to get serious about thinking about a goal I need to shoot for. For me this is HUGE because I have really never been a long distance runner (was a sprinter in my younger days). I recently broke the 14 minute barrier for 1 mile (I know, not the fastest – but for me it’s pretty good). My goal is to break the 13 minute barrier and run in a 5K this spring. Finally just found a great website that lists 5Ks in WA state. I have ran in two 5Ks in the past few years, but working on getting back in running condition. Need to compare dates with our calendar and see what’s going to work. I’ll keep you posted on what date I’m shooting for. I also have a goal to try to lose 15 pounds by April 15.

    Thanks to all the ladies on here who are setting such an awesome example of health and fitness.

  4. Love, love, love the idea of re-invention and constant evolution of the self. We can be whoever we dream. I think you are inspiring a lot of people!!

    Your post made me think of the dreaded Canada Fitness Test we used to do in junior high and high school. And the dreaded ‘flexed arm hang”…

  5. Donloree
    You are so inspirational and a fabulous writer!! I can’t wait to read about your next adventure!


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