Bread Mecca

Today I went on journey.  A journey that took me to a neighbouring city for a loaf of bread. I heard a delicious rumor from a very fabulous friend of mine who is a bodybuilding superstar. She told me of a bakery that makes bread with only 3 carbs per slice.

This is music to any Figure Competitor’s ears!

With the help of Google Maps I found the very unassuming Grandin Bakery in St. Albert.

So unassuming! How is a girl supposed to know about this 3 carb per slice bread unless someone tells her about it??!

I walked in and was immediately overcome by smells of butter and fattening goodness. I had to stay focussed and find the magical bread. The bread that would allow me to eat more than 2 slices a day!

Glorious! Loaves and loaves of nearly carb-less bread. Seems too good to be true.

I grabbed two loaves! If I could eat more than 2 slices a day, I would be going through it more quickly than a normal loaf of bread.

And it was one sale! This was meant to be.

First I FOUND the magical bread, and then it was on sale! I wasn't sure if my feet were even touching the ground anymore!

I had a will of iron and did not get a donut or a homemade danish.  Nor did I sample the free cookies that we sitting by the till screaming, “Eat me. EAT ME!” Instead I ran as fast I could out of the white carb temptation zone with my two loaves of diabetic bread in tow.

Excited about my purchase from the Mecca of low-carb bread, I popped two slices into the toaster as soon as I got home. I just couldn’t wait to eat it.

Such anticipation! It was good, but not fabulous. The bread really doesn’t have much to it…after all, how filling can 3 carbs really be? It is GREAT for what it is, but it is nowhere near my beloved black russian rye.

I’m always disappointed when things aren’t as great as I thought they would be; not as great as I had worked them up in my mind to be.

Luckily for me, I am part of a group of women that is more fabulous than any of us had originally anticipated. The Bikini or Bust Competitors are constantly sharing their lives with each other, keeping each other accountable, and ensuring complete success for each other.  They are a 3 carb per slice bread that tastes like a black russian rye!

You’ve met a few of them, but here are some more fabulous women!


“So happy to be part of this great great experiment and experience!”


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“This journey continues to be a fantastic ride, I am so excited to now have others to ride with!”


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“I’m really excited about this next goal and this journey.  And I’m excited to learn from and be inspired by the other woman in this Bikini or Bust challenge who are on their own path to personal greatness.”


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  1. Kathy Harris says

    Like your post. I’d be willing to try the bread too. I think it would be better than nothing. Especially when you have a crazy carb craving like me tonight. It took all my will to not give in. Broke down and texted my trainer to keep me sane. This is one reason I need to be a part of your B&B Challenge. Positive feedback from ALL directions is exactly what I need to stay on track.


  2. I love the videos because it puts a face to the name!

  3. It’s amazing to know what each and every one of you sound like! A bit more personaL!

  4. Wonderful! So glad to see and hear you! Where is my video? Well it is living in my laptop and refuses to leave! Not clear yet what I’m going to do in lieu of video.

  5. Cindy Smith says

    Your sense of humor is so hilarious, Donloree 🙂 I’m actually starting my search for some black Russian rye. Probably close to impossible in little Yakima, Washington – but figured if I check out some neighborhood bakeries in the area I might get lucky…….

  6. Man, my video is coming too! My phone died. So now I have to wait for the replacement and in the meantime, hold out on that video a bit longer. I’m sorry!! Thanks for sharing girls!


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