Rest Is For The Strong

Rest, sleep, relax, chill, do nothing, nap, take five…these are words that do not describe my life, nor do they describe most Figure Competitors’ lives.

We train, run, lift, schedule, plan, cook, and cardio.

Sleep is sacrificed to ensure everything is planned out, the vegetables are cut, and some time is spent with friends and family rather than just at the gym.

Training is done almost every morning without fail. Rarely a morning goes by when you won’t find me attempting some chin ups or trying to beat my man push up record. I have to work hard during the week so that I can impress Peter with my gains each Monday morning. And I have that fat caliper to face! Nothing quite like having your muffin top squished and assessed ever week to give you motivation to eek out a few more sprints on the treadmill.

The concept of a ‘Rest Day’ is hard for me to grasp. I mean, how does laying around, napping, or not lifting heavy objects move me towards my goal? It seems so counterproductive. But without rest and at least 7 hours of sleep each night, all of my clean eating and heavy lifting will be less than effective.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me. I am NOT going to run sprints on the treadmill. I am NOT going to just do a few quick sets of push ups and clean and presses. I am NOT going to decide that my muffin top is spilling over my pants.

I AM going to rest, nap, do things that I like, and be with fabulous people that I love.

Training for a Figure Competition requires discipline, TONS of discipline; even the discipline of not doing anything!

How do you rest and rejuvenate so that you can frighten the strange men at the gym the next day?

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