Competition Day Is Today And Every Day

When I committed to competing on October 16th, something inside of me was excited and something was freakishly nervous.

The date loomed like an impending thunderstorm way off in the distance.  I could see that it was coming, but I had time…or so I told myself. Fortunately for me, my Muffin Top screamed loudly from the top of my pants and would not let me rest until it went away.

Every single day I had to compete. I had to choose to make every set of lifts the best that I could with the best form I knew to use. When I was tired or didn’t want to go to the gym, I remembered that I only get one chance to use that day to be successful. Once the day is done, the opportunity to work hard and give it 100% is over.

Being successful means you make tons of little, eensy, weensy choices that may or may not be noticeable that day, but over time everything shifts and huge gains are made.

Tomorrow just do one more rep, park the car farther away, choose to see who you really are when you look in the mirror, eat only what your body needs for fuel, and do help someone else move towards their dreams. The imperceptible shift in who you are and what you’re becoming will ensure you’re a winner on competition day whether you come in first or last.

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  1. AWESOME message. Love this: “When I was tired or didn’t want to go to the gym, I remembered that I only get one chance to use that day to be successful.” How true is that? I’m using that as motivation right there. That’s great!!

  2. Great post. Yes, love this message.

  3. you rock DL! you are one motivation that continues to be the best you can be!!! CHEERS*

  4. Excellent message and one I truly need to take to heart. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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