Food Nemesis

After my competition I fell off the wagon, HARD. It was not a good feeling, the landing was a bit bumpy to say the least So I cleaned the cupboards, put all the foods that were calling to me into a trash bag and out to the dumpster it all went.

Relief filled my veins and clean eating resumed.

I felt better and stronger. Strong enough to have peanut butter back in the house. After all, it’s just peanut butter, right?


I bought a SMALL container of it, even though it cost more. Such an innocent looking little jar....

It is my food nemesis! It demands to be sampled every time the fridge gets opened. If toast gets made it smothers the piece with it’s nutty qualities. Spoons are subjected to bring dunked repeatedly into the jar just for a ‘wee little bit’.

It is an unstoppable force.

When it is in the house I turn into a woman I don’t recognize.

I turn into a PB Monster! Cookie Monster and I could go toe to toe on our insatiable need to consume food at a rapid rate.

Drastic measures are required. No more peanut butter is allowed.

I appear innocent, but I CANNOT be trusted!

I have to keep an eye on myself.

Being an emotional eater is a hard thing to overcome. I sent out a plea for help to a few of the Bikini or Bust participants. A good question came back – what triggered it?


Next time I’m frustrated I won’t eat spoonful after spoonful of peanut butter and then get even more frustrated at myself because I am eating the darn nut butter AGAIN with the fridge door open. It will help to not have it in the house, but I won’t turn to other food for the answer either.

Food doesn’t solve the problem, it just creates another problem that I can focus on more easily. Self sabotage is a stealthy beast that can overcome you before you know what happened! Finding what triggers it is the first step in being successful the next time.

What turns you into a peanut butter eating monster?!

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  1. Kathy Harris says

    Great post! Mine is Nutella, out of boredom in the evening. This becomes very tempting when kids are done homework, there’s no hockey or cheerleading practices and we’re all hanging out at night.

  2. Nicole Adams says

    For me it’s when I’m with family and/or friends and everyone is eating whatever they want. I feel left out and the need to eat whatever I want too. I have to actively remember that I need to eat to fuel my body not to eat because it’s what my environment is doing.

    • I used to feel that way. I used to get mad and think “how come they can eat whatever they want and I can’t?” But then I look at them and think, well, they are overweight, don’t exercise and don’t care. I do. That’s the difference. Just try and remember that next time. They can indulge but they are only hurting themselves!!

  3. If something stresses me out suddenly, or if I have to stay up late working, look out. Hide the chocolate and the bowls of cereal. I’m really trying to move beyond that.

  4. MMMMM, peanut butter. That’s a big downfall for me too. I’m just proud of myself for switching to the natural stuff (Smuckers, yum!) I’m used to the taste now and when I tried Jiff last week it tasted like ass. I’m really bad during that TOM. I just can’t stop myself. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s all a mind game but I can’t control it. Thankfully I have three weeks left to do really well and then work on that again!

    • The natural stuff takes a bit of getting used to for sure! But then when you taste the old stuff you wonder what the world you were doing eating it before. lol! Keep up the good work. =)

  5. hearing your struggle, despite your obvious success, is something i totally understand. i am glad to know i am not the only one. unfortunately, with 3 kids, peanut butter and nutella are staples and both can call me at night when i am my weakest (former on toast, later nuked for 10 seconds and accompanied by banana slices). after losing 45 pounds of fat through lifting, i have slowly and imperceptably gained 15 back over the past 2 years, mainly due to not eating clean. so, like you, i am trying to get a handle on my eating habits. your honesty is really helping me.

  6. Nice job!

  7. So maybe to stay on track you should buy the individual serving size, then you can have your PB but not go over allot amount.

    • Oh man, that is just asking for trouble. I would just eat all the small containers of it. I have NO SELF CONTROL with the nuts these days. 🙁 Perhaps that this will be step one in the nut re-introduction process for me next month!

  8. HAHAHA I love this post!! My nemesis is bread! We (Philippines) have this bread we call pan de sal. It is a little sweet, super fluffy and toasts perfectly – eaten with coffee….MY FAVORITE….UGH….

  9. Haha, im a combo of Faith and Donloree, give me bread and peanut butter and I am in heaven!


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