Bikini Or Bust Competitors!

I have a secret to confess. Ok, its probably not really a secret, but I will tell you anyways.  I haven’t arrived, nor will I probably ever.


Bodybuilding is such an interesting sport because months and months of work culminate in 90 seconds on a stage and you are judged on your physique; not on how much weight you can bench press, how good your squat form is, or how many dead lifts you can do before your back rounds out.  Yet they all play a huge part in your overall physique and success in the competition.

It is never done. It’s called bodybuilding, not bodybuilt,  for a reason. It is an active, ongoing activity that you are constantly working at and improving in. It is the rare sport that you get better at the more you work at it.  Just like life.

Fifteen women, including myself, from 4 countries are committed to sharing their lives with you as they work on improving their health and lives and work towards and all natural competition this spring.

So without further delay, here are the AMAZING Bikini Or Bust competitors.  They are fierce and fabulous and can’t wait to live beyond themselves!


Able to drink massive amounts of coffee and beat the stairmaster into submission!

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“Here’s to kicking butt and taking names!”

Connect with Chantelle through her website or on Twitter!


I so am excited for the challenge!!

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“One day I woke up and decided enough was enough and I set about losing the weight, nine months later I had lost 30 kilos and decided to set a goal to do a bodybuilding competition.”

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“There are some days I ask myself…”What are you doing?” The answer is always the same…”I have a goal, everyone knows what it is, so you just best get to it”.

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More of our fabulous competitors will be featured at a later date. Check back to hear from Debra SimmsFaith KeithJessica Thomas, Kathy, Tracy Noel, Angela JoyceCheyanne ClarkSusan, and Lisa Withrow.

Stay tuned for goals, tips, recipes, struggles, and accomplishments.  It’s going to be a fun ride with all of these fabulous woman on the bus! If you have questions for us or want ideas or tips just let me know. I also set up a Facebook page that I still don’t know how to administer! One step at a time. As my mom would say, “Do the best you can and can the rest!”

It’s about to get exciting!

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  1. Good job ladies and Good Luck! I can’t wait to follow along on this journey!

  2. Amazing videos everyone! I am so proud to be among all of you inspirational ladies!

  3. Krissy Smith says

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome! Way to go, ladies!! So psyked out of my skull to be following along on your journeys! Thank you so so much for sharing!!!!!

  4. Kathy Harris says

    Thanks for your post. Man, I’d be thrilled if someone asked me for a fitness tip; in the meantime, I’ll be outsourcing to the group. My twitter is @ceomcmum. I’m still aiming to get my share done soon.

  5. This is great! Hi Ladies!!! My vid is done and I am working on getting it to you…computer is hesistant. Anyway, very happy to see these lovely faces and hear your voices. How cool is this???

  6. Cindy Smith says

    So inspired to “meet” the neat group of ladies who are following in Donloree’s footsteps and gearing up for future figure competitions. Excited to be allowed to watch and learn. Who knows? A miracle may occur in my life and I may be on a stage someday. 🙂 As someone who has known Donloree since she was a “tween” — she has always had a very beautiful, sweet, and encouraging spirit. Onward!

    • I wouldn’t doubt that for a second! In the short time I have gotten to know Donloree, she proves to be the same sweet spirit you described! Thanks for tracking with us!

  7. Nice!!!

  8. so thrilled to be a part of this, and weird to see myself in the RSS feed LOL! Thank you for your leadership!!!!

  9. okay guys! I’ve tried 5 times to record my video and send it to you all! Can anyone offer me some help….please. I thought this would be easier than it’s been. BTW, I love all your videos!


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