New Hobby: Grocery Store Hopping

Training for a Figure Competition is all encompassing. You spend copious amounts of time chopping things, meal planning, going to the gym several times a day, and being strong to stay true to your goals and objectives.

With all of this focus, it’s important to balance your life out with fun hobbies.

I have a few hobbies, but my newest hobby is grocery store hopping. I find myself going to a new grocery store almost every single day. I must like it to spend so much time doing it! Thus a new hobby is born!

At Safeway I get the bread that only has 23 carbs per two slices and the light spreadable butter.

Costco has the best price on egg whites, frozen chicken breasts, quinoa, and pre-slice mushrooms.

Save On Foods is the place to buy light babybel cheese, coffee, and Liberte Greek yogurt.

Planet Organic has the fabulous dark drinking chocolate that mixes into the greek yogurt with ease.

Superstore has the sugar free jam with the least amount of carbs.

The Italian Market is a gold mine for cheap, fresh veggies and all the cheese any woman could ever want.

I never thought I would enjoy reading nutrition labels as much as I do. Sometimes I find myself with 10 different salad dressing labels all peering out at me from the grocery store shelves. 20 minutes later I finally pick a winner and it comes home with me to help me enjoy my vegetables that I just picked up from the Italian Market.

It is not uncommon for me to stop in at 3 different grocery stores in one day. I feel like I am so conspicuous, like everyone in the Save On Foods can see the Costco remnants on me while I meander the aisles.

I love shopping, but there is no point in clothes shopping anymore because pants only fit for about two weeks. I just need to invest in more belts and those are so utilitarian!

And when you find something fabulous, it only makes sense to drive across the city for it.

This is SO good in Greek Yogurt. SO GOOD! It even has chocolate chunks!! I *heart* it.

Am I the only one with this hobby? Please tell me that I am not alone…

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  1. So I’m not training for a figure competiton, but I am working on becoming a healtier, stronger woman. I can relate, I LOVE grocery stores. I always have. I have been known to spend 2 hours in a store when I only meant to “run in and out.”

  2. Not in a figure competition (yet!), but I love grocery stores. 😉 I think the Italian Centre is a greeeeeeeat place for cheese as well. They also have the best price on couscous in the whole city. From one grocery store addict to another.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I made your mini quiches this morning but substituted for cooked crab. Still delicious. I do spray my paper cup liners with cooking spray and then the mini quiches don’t stick either. Keep up the great blog. Loving it!

  4. Kelli Wain says

    Hey Donloree,
    For us poor souls overseas who dont have access to that yumm drinking chocolate could you post the ‘macros’ & whatever else you think is helpful per 100grams for us to see. Maybe there is something similar here??
    PS. I’m stalking you everywhere (Twitter, email, your blog hehehe) lol x

    • Stalk away! You would find the drinking chocolate by the hot chocolate and coffee in the grocery store. This is the information for 4 TBSP – Fat 4g, Carb 10g, Protein 4g. Let me know if you find anything in NZ. 🙂

  5. I am guilty of the same thing!!! Costco carries liberte nonfat Greek yogurt now btw $7.99 for two 500 g containers 🙂 today I’m going to get me some of that drinking chocolate!!!!

  6. Sounds familiar. I typically go where the egg whites are cheapest (Superstore), but then they don’t have non fat cottage cheese (so must go to Safeway) but then have to make a special trip to the organic market for Liberte Greek!

  7. I’m just dumb when it comes to all of this. I’m not good in the kitchen or good with food. I’m so basic. Anyway, what else can you do with that cocoa? Looks delish and it had me at chocolate =) Also, what all do you do with greek yogurt? I know how good it is for you, but I never buy it because I don’t know what to do with it. We have it at Sam’s and BJ’s here too but I always contemplate it and then just pass by. I pretty much need someone to say, this is what you eat for all meals…… =) HELP ME!

  8. So what you’re saying I am normal too!

  9. Cindy Smith says

    I’m another that is not doing a figure competition, but am taking strides toward a healthier lifestyle. I will admit that I HATE shopping of any kind (once in every blue moon I’ll be in the mood to shop.) Therefore having to do any additional shopping on top of what I already have to do is going to be tough for me, but I’m willing to do it. I do like to read labels though now that I have become more educated in that area in recent years. My kids can spot “high fructose corn syrup” right off the bat now.

    Staying out of the kids’ Halloween candy has been more of a challenge than I thought it would be, but have been successful thus far. I’d love to just “accidentally” throw the candy out, but think I’d probably start a riot. Just have to remain strong. 🙂

  10. I’m fascinated that you actually LIKE to grocery store hop! I go to different stores to get different items, but view it as more of a pain in the butt. LOL Maybe if I start thinking of going to different stores as more of an adventure, it wouldn’t feel like such a chore. Usually I just wish that ONE store would carry everything I need. 🙂

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