Off To The Races!

Today is day one of the Bikini Or Bust Challenge. All over the world, literally, brave women are making introduction videos to tell you about why they joined in the challenge. I am SO excited to share all of their stories with you. We have women in 2 continents and 3 countries participating! Check out the ones that blog in the links section over on the right.

I thought videos were a fabulous idea to introduce everyone to you, and then I realized that I have to make one too…seeing how I am part of the challenge and everything.  SIGH. Once again my big mouth and ideas are getting me into trouble.  Since this was my idea in the first place, I will lead the way baring my soul to the world.

So why am I doing this? Good question!!

Is it because I LOVE salads?

This salad takes about an hour of focussed eating to consume. It's a workout all by itself!

Nope. I don’t actually like salad…not the reason!

Is it because I have a peanut butter addiction that I want to break?

Every single bit of peanut butter gets consumed at my house. I cannot be trusted with such a large container!!

Ok, YES!! But that’s not the real reason. So I spent some time thinking and musing.

Espresso with a dollop of foam always makes the synapses fire better!

Please disregard the somewhat disheveled state I am in. It’s a rest day and a weekend, so not much effort was put into looking ‘video’ ready!


There are 16 women that are going to compete naturally in a competition this spring…what are YOU going to do that makes you fabulously you?

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  1. I love your video! And your earrings!

  2. Awesome. You inspired me… sorta in a mire right now and needed that reminder. (motivated for this journey, just having meltdown day with isolation factor on this job in Jasper that will never end)

    I remember reading one comment on one of your blogs and it was a woman with 3 kids, her husband is a police officer who works nights, she’s in post secondary education and she’s STILL competing. She makes NO excuses, she just gets it done… and she really inspired me. I don’t recall her name, so forgive me on that one. But every time I feel overwhelmed and self-defeatist, I think of her and realize I likely have a lot more time to put towards this than she might so I really just gotta getter done. Make no mistake, Mrs. DLH, you inspire me beyond words. I am so excited to have re-connected with you and to be on this journey with you (and your smashing earrings). xo

  3. ahhh! CAN’T wait to share my video!

  4. This is awesome, I can’t wait to follow along with all of these women !! I hope they share as much as possible, for some of us that hope to be future competitors !!!

  5. AHH! I am so excited!!!

  6. Great video post. Need to find some time here soon and do one too.

  7. I am morbidly obese and trying to start eating cleanly and exercising. Can you tell me what is in that delicious looking salad?

    • First of all – congratulations! So proud of you! It is just a simple salad with chicken that I cooked up and had in the fridge. I like to cook up 6 or so chicken breasts with seasoning and then have it on hand for salads, stir fry, or whatever!
      So here’s what it was:
      150 grams chicken
      250 grams lettuce (3 cups?)
      25 grams green onions diced (a big handful)
      75 grams peppers (perhaps a cup)
      150 grams cucumbers (perhaps 1.5 cups)
      125 grams tomatoes (perhaps 1 cup)
      2 tbsp Thai Ginger dressing – blue kettle foods

      The dressing is where you can get into trouble. I love this dressing because it is SO TASTY, but only has a few calories and 1.5 grams of fat per tablespoon. Less calories and more taste is such an amazing find!

      I have a few recipes on the blog that you may find interesting. Just click on ‘recipes’ on the tag cloud. All the nutritional information is listed there too. Hope that helps!!


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