Rest Day…er…Invention Day?

Rest days make me crazy. I love routine and working hard. Heck, I get up at 5 am even on the weekends!

Today was officially a rest day. So I went to the gym….old habits die hard. I decided to do 15 minutes of 9mph sprints on the treadmill just to keep the metabolism working. After all, that darn muffin top is starting to show again after the epic 9 days off the wagon.

And the one day I decide to have a rest day, it’s a ghost town in the weights area!

Not a soul in sight. Not even the man that gives me advice EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The weights were calling to me, “Lift me…LIFT ME!’ Alas, it is a rest day…I am not allowed to do such things. Apparently resting is good for you, helps your muscles recover or some such nonsense!

They were all free. Heck, I could have tried to lift one of the manly sized weights just for fun!

So after taking a walk through the weights and not allowing myself to even do some chin ups or man push ups I trudged over to the cardio torture zone.

15 can do it!

I ran like a crazy woman for 15 minutes and called it quits. The treadmill and I aren’t friends, we merely have an understanding. I will spend time with him only if he helps scare away the muffin top. The day the muffin top is no longer scared, I will find a new friend!

Since the whole day was wonky due to the resting, I came home and decided to try something crazy in the kitchen.

I pulled out all of my favorite things: high fat greek yogurt, raspberries, and chocolate. Then I wondered what I could do with them.


Then it came to me – make a dessert. And so I did. I took some yogurt and the cocoa and mixed it all together to make a fabulous mousse-like substance.

While mixing it I started to get VERY excited. Can this possibly be a treat that is Figure Competitor friendly?

Then I had another stroke of brilliance. The freezer! I put it in the freezer for about 45 minutes in my favorite mug to set. The waiting was torture!

Brrr! All set and ready to be eaten by ME!

Then I topped it off with the berries and ate it faster than I knew was womanly possible. It was RIDICULOUSLY good.

I can't believe that this fits into my diet. I have officially died and gone to heaven.

If I knew rest days would result in such glorious inventions, I would have been resting more often! I have named my invention Cocoa Chiffon.

So if you want to try this at home, here’s the recipe:

85 grams 11% fat Greek yogurt

2 Tablespoons cocoa powder

a smidgen of sweeter

62 grams of raspberries

Mix the yogurt, cocoa, and sweetener together until smooth. Put mixture into a small bowl and freeze for 45 minutes. Top with raspberries and try to eat at a reasonable rate.

Calories – 192, Fat – 10.75, Carbs – 15.5, Protein – 8.25

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  1. You rock… I’m just sayin’

  2. Just wondering, do you mind if I let others know about your blog, even if they don’t know you? I think lots of people would benefit from reading it.

  3. one day I hope you can eat the delicious pumpkin muffins I made.. just because they are fabulous! But way to go for making your own delicious dessert! I will try it too! 🙂 loves you!

  4. HA !! BTW your blog is like the newspaper, I read it every morning before work! 🙂

  5. MMMMM, sounds delicious. Can’t wait to try it!

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