Cellulite, Stretch Marks, and Muffin Tops

I think every woman looks in the mirror and immediately focusses on what they think is wrong with themselves.

“Do you see my thunder thighs?! They are HUGE!”

“My crows feet are so deep they may be confused with the Grand Canyon.”

“LOOK at all my cellulite.  THIS is why I only wear capris in the summer.”

“I have more stretch marks than a zebra has stripes…perhaps I will start wearing a burka…”

I am especially bad at this. When I look in a full length mirror, I immediately look at my midsection to see how much muffin top is spilling over my pants. I don’t look at ME. All I see is what I think is wrong with my body and then some days I choose to feel bad about who I am because of it.

If I was to actually look and see ME, I would see a well put together woman that is an conquerer and an overcomer. A woman that will fight for what she knows is right and not back down until she has accomplished what she set out to do. Why do I let a wee bit of a muffin top stop me from being me some days?

What’s that about?

One of the reasons I love the sport of bodybuilding, besides the bedazzled suits and fake tans, is that you have to work on the inside of you as much as you work on the outside of you. In order to walk on stage with some cellulite, possibly a muffin top as I did last week, stretch marks, and other imperfections you have to know yourself and be confident in yourself. The judging isn’t done completely on muscles mass; if that were the case the competition would consist of a body scan and the woman with the least amount of fat would win. The event is about who you are, how confident you are, and how beautiful you are. Beauty comes from within and shows up in how you hold your head, how you walk, and how you interact with the judges.

The heavy lifting isn’t done just at the gym.  The most important lifting is done in your mind.  Without a strong mind you will never win, no matter how lean you are or how cellulite free your thighs are.

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  1. Well put! You’ve got the whole package – body, mind and soul!

  2. Kathy Harris says

    Very well said. This issue is the one main reason why I’m hesitating to make a decision about committing to compete.
    Thanks for your thought provoking post.

  3. Cindy Smith says

    Great thoughts, Donloree. Truthfully, I will avoid mirrors like the plague except for when applying makeup and doing my hair because I just don’t like looking at myself (sad, but true confession). Wanted to let you know that I e-mailed the trainer I worked out with for a year and a half back in Idaho a few years ago (would have continued, but I lost a few clients and then Dean lost his job). Told him about your journey and sent a link to the interview with the Edmonton Journal. He says, “Way to go!” Today is the day I plan to start getting really serious about nutrition. Off to run another 2 miles and get some weights in afterward. Onward!!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder that beauty comes from within. I’m struggling today with the consequences of my weekend trip to the bakery. 🙂 I need to remember that the mirror should not determine whether I have a good day or not.

  5. This is one of those posts that I will be re reading until it clicks in…

  6. I read this at just the right moment. Thanks for sharing.

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