5 Figure Food Quirks

Training for a Figure Competition requires a huge amount of discipline in regards to eating. You chop, slice, boil, measure, weigh, and calculate every morsel of food that goes into your mouth. It is as hard as the 3 hours of training spent at the gym each day, possibly even harder.

You know a woman is training for a Figure Competition if you notice any of this quirky behavior:

1. There is NO SHARING! If you ask her for a bite of her food and murder fills her eyes and you’re suddenly frightened for your life, most likely she’s training for a competition – no questions asked!  Advice? Back away slowly so you don’t get a fork through your hand.

2.  Food that has been dropped on the floor, rolled in the dirt, or been stepped on will still be eaten. A light dusting off of the dirt and removal of any debris is done quickly and into her mouth it goes. After all, it was chopped, measured, and calculated, there is no way she is about to give up even one of her calories for the day!

3. Random food combinations are eaten at weird times. It totally makes sense to a Figure Competitor to pull a salad the size of a small dog out of her purse in the middle of a movie theatre or to eat apples, cottage cheese, and cinnamon as a mid morning snack in the boardroom.

4. Eating a a restaurant may require a tour of the kitchen and an interview with the head chef. High maintenance requests then start pouring out of her mouth, “Can you please ensure the chicken is not marinated, the vegetables are steamed, the rice is measured and no salt is put on any of the meal?” Sending back a naked chicken breast and limp vegetables just because they were salted can be more than just a bit awkward!

5. They really do cry over spilled milk, or oatmeal that is. If you see a woman crying in front of a microwave that has exploded oatmeal in it at work she is upset because that was her only option for that meal. She is completely stuck and cannot eat anything else. DO NOT offer any other foods as a replacement, just walk away quietly and pretend it never happened.

Oh the joys of being disciplined in an undisciplined world! It leads to a wee bit of craziness now and again, that’s for sure!!

What weird things have you found yourself doing with food while training for a competition?

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  1. I am happy to say i have done all of those! And my personal favorite was last week at Target,since the packets of tuna were $.99 and the 100 cal packets of almonds were $2, I stocked up (you know, in case there is a national shortage!) I got 15 packets of tuna and at 8 boxes of almonds, people thought i was CRAZY

  2. OMG I totally do ALL of those things! One time a kid asked me if he could have an almond and I looked at him like I was crazy and shouted “NO!” … in the middle of a banquet hall (yes, I’d brought my own food to a banquet). And I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one who’s stood in front of the microwave at work, in tears because my oatmeal exploded.

    • Kari, you are not alone! I once nearly harmed my husband for eating some of my chicken in the fridge. He thought something really bad happened, which according to me, it did!

  3. Oh my goodness I just laughed outloud at number 5. I’ve done this at 6:30am in the morning, I was late getting up and had to get my oatmeal and eggwhites in. lol Awesome blog girl. 🙂


  1. […] excellence and step into their potential, they do not settle for average. Now they may cry if their oatmeal explodes, glue a bedazzled suit to another woman, or appear as though they have leprosy now and again,  but […]

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