Chop, CHOP!

Training for a Figure Competition doesn’t end when you walk out the gym doors. It is not just an hour or two out of your day, it creeps into all aspects of your life.

How you eat greatly affects your success. Clean eating isn’t convenient, quick, and easy; but it is worthwhile.  Convenient, quick, and easy is McDonalds and all that gets you is a Muffin Top with a side of Thunder Thighs. No woman really wants to order that, even if you get to stay in your car while you do it.

A normal grocery shop usually consists of three main things: chicken, egg whites, and vegetables…and A LOT of them.

All the food a Figure Competitor could want!

Hauling the food up to my condo is a work out all in itself!

It’s great to have the food on hand, but if you have to haul out veggies and chop them three times a day it can get disheartening. And I hate being disheartened!

So I have chopping parties with myself. Coffee and determination are required to make it a success.

It's time to get my chop on!

After usually a good hour and a bit, I have something to show for my high level cutting and boiling skills.

The onions are the WORST to cut - I always feel ridiculous when I start to cry.

Ziploc loves me. I am hoping they have a client reward program starting up soon.  If they start one I should be able to fly anywhere in the world within a few short months.

It seems a bit over the top, but when you can throw a supper together in 15 minutes and it is healthy, easy to calculate, and tasty you suddenly want to cry once a week over onions!

Suddenly McDonald's isn't the only convenient, quick, and easy game in town!

What do you do to prepare meals in advance?  If you participate in the Bikini Or Bust Challenge, I am sure you’ll have a few tips of your own to share shortly!

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  1. Jennifer McLarty says

    I think you need to get a food processor to help you chop up all that food! 🙂

    • How is it that I have never thought of this before? I think you just made my life 12 times easier! Ummm…shopping for a food processor on Monday. Sometimes it is the simple things in life…

  2. Oh my! I love your level of organization! So what would a typical day of food look like? How often? How many meals? How do you feel about carbs? Do you weigh your food? Or do you measure in cups? The nutrition is the biggest challenge for me right now. Not the eating “right” per se, or the clean eating either. We NEVER eat fast food… I have been practicing meal planning using Clean Eating for 2 years now. But that’s usually just dinner time. Snacks, I often omit… and then make poor choices around the lunch hour(s) while feeding my wee monster. There are so so SO many schools of thought for nutrition… and my “way” is to research the heck out of things until I find something that makes “sense” (I use this term loosely)… but my brain is already becoming full and overwhelmed. I think I will purchase the book you mentioned in a previous blog to start me off…

  3. I do the same thing! I purchase my meat, weigh and portion it into ziplocs then throw it into the freezer. I can whip every dinner up in 15-20 minutes – love it! Let’s buy stock in ziploc! haha

    My favorite quick meal: Garlic Chili Thai [meat] (chicken or ground extra lean turkey)

    1.5C frozen broccoli
    4oz ground extra lean turkey, defrosted
    1 tsp thai garlic red chili sauce or 1/2tsp red chili paste (portion is to your taste!! I love spicy, so…careful 🙂 )
    season lightly with soy sauce

    I love this on leg day because I get to eat brown rice with it 🙂

    nutrition content of fresh versus frozen veggies: Fresh is great of course, but often times frozen veggies will retain more nutrients because they are flash frozen immediately after harvest, versus fresh veggies that travel a while before they get to you (and are often harvested before they are ready so that they can endure the trip, which means they do not develop the full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Interesting huh?

    My mom is the one who enlightened me on this, but I found an article in case you would be interested in the read:

    • Freaky about the veggies! I couldn’t believe it the first time I read it either. Freaked me out a little bit!! Your chilli sounds amazing! I vote you take pictures next time you make it and post it on your blog!! 🙂

  4. Cindy Smith says

    Do you have a recipe for what is in the picture, Donloree? Krissy mentions a book you recommend? I’m also an endless researcher so would be interested in checking the book out for more ideas and information if you could give me the name of it. I’m looking to get seriously started on this on Monday (although starting to watch what I eat immediately). I personally have to watch out for carbs as I have been told I have “metabolic syndrome” which means I have to eat less carbs and more protein until I reach my ideal weight and then can add more carbs back in.

    Had to laugh about your “side of thunder thighs” comment. Was a commercial here in the States a few years ago where people pull up to the drive through and order similar things. Couldn’t stop laughing when a woman ordered, “Be-donk-e-donk butt”. Whatever that is — but it sounded hilarous.

    Off to run two miles on the treadmill. WOO-HOO!

    • Woo-hoo is right! I hope you showed that treadmill who’s boss! 😉

      The book that Krissy is referring to is the one I wrote about here: It makes things so much simpler!!

      The recipe? It’s just a smattering of veggies, chicken, Mrs. Dash and some chicken broth for cooking. (I use broth instead of oil, it works wonders!)
      Here it is in ‘Canadian!! 😀

      200 grams chicken
      140 grams mushrooms
      125 grams peppers
      40 grams onions
      70 grams carrots
      85 grams sugar snap peas (I throw them in at the very end so they don’t get soggy)
      Chicken broth
      Saute everything except sugar snaps on medium heat with your favorite seasonings and sploosh of chicken broth. Some days I use fresh ginger and garlic – mmmm! Cook until all veggies are done to your liking and then then throw in sugar snaps and remove from heat. Let sit for 3 minutes, stir, and enjoy!
      44 grams protein, 31 grams carbs, 0 fat

      • Cindy Smith says

        You’d better believe my treadmill knows who the boss is! A few years ago jogging on the treadmill was quite the struggle (I’ve never been a long distance runner – even when I was a “skinny thing”). Been working on being able to cut down my 1 mile time and trying to run with less fast walk breaks. Getting geared up to start eating more “clean”. Dean has decided to join me which is a big plus (I hate cooking one thing for me and something else for the rest). Have found some recipes that I think even the kids will tolerate so they’re going to join us whether they like it or not (they are already label readers and freak out whent they find high fructose corn syrup in anything, lol). I’m going to get a copy of the book you recommend. The more information the better.

        Am going to search for a goal for myself other than an amount of pounds I like to lose. Have started researching 5K runs in the area. Haven’t found anything in Yakima yet, but will keep searching. I have ran in three 5Ks in the past, but was practically dead at the end. Want to train to finish stronger. Then I’ll contemplate 10K and beyond. Hey – do I hear “Rocky” playing in the background?!……..

  5. I am so inspired by you Donloree. I am planning on eating clean even after the competition….didnt realise how much food really affected me. and may my chopping parties…include my ipod and perrier : )

    • bikiniorbust says

      Chopping parties are the best!! 🙂 You plan for success or failure by your actions; let’s both plan for success!


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