Looks of Sympathy

Everyone asks me the same question, “SO?!?! How did you do?!” So many people believe in me and think the world of me, which is so fabulous, but it can be disappointing for them when they find out that I didn’t win.

So I am not completely sure how to respond to this question when asked.

My answers so far have been:

  • Just fabulous!!
  • I met and exceeded all of my goals
  • The event was amazing, empowering, and more than I had hoped for

Women seem to resonate with these answers and don’t need more information to be happy for me.

Men, on the other hand, need to know exactly how I placed.  They need hard, cold facts.

When I tell them that I got fourth place, usually a look of sympathy crosses their face and a back slap that is supposed to be taken as encouragement occurs.

It makes me laugh every time.

There is no reason to feel sorry for me in regards to how I did the event.  If anything, feel sorry for me because I look like an Oompah Loompah with skin cancer!

It's SO BAD! No matter how much exfoliating I do, it does not get better....

No one tells you that the fake take takes FORVER to come off and that it does not come off in a uniform fashion!  Three coats was perfect for the stage, but now it’s just embarrassing. Especially when you forget about your ridiculous tan in the morning while dressing for work and wear a skirt!

Here’s hoping the steam shower works wonders tomorrow!

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  1. FOURTH is amazing! I was happy to place in the top 5, but your right to be there, just to have accomplished your goal, and get on that stage makes you a superstar! Congrats on your placing, you looked amazing!!!!!!

  2. Lol! Never occured to me that men would be that way. Or the tan! I’m training for my first show in june. This blog is amazing!

  3. I get the same question, a lot. I love your explanation! I always feel like I have to give some big explanation! I’ll remember that. yea, stupid spray tan lasts forever. I had mine done 19 days ago and it’s still spotty. I love that it’s stained my stretch marks. They didn’t look bad enough, so why not add some fun color to them? HAHAHA! It’s hot. I went to a wedding the week after my show and had a halter dress with no back. yea, people were looking at me like I had leprocy or some type of disease. It was fantastic =)

    • It’s TOTALLY hot. 😉 I dislike how the tan doesn’t cover the stretch marks up either! I LOVE that you wore a halter top dress with your leprosy. After being on stage, you can do anything. Rock it woman!

  4. Best way to get tan off? Jump in a spa/jacuzzi (i think it’s the chemicals in the water that do it) or have a mud bath – strips that stuff right off!


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