Oddly Enough, I Prefer The Wagon

During the final months leading up to the competition I had a heck of a time getting rid of my muffin top. It stuck to me like glue. I followed the plan, worked HARD and got very little results for about 2 straight months. I hired a nutrition coach and I followed a very intense diet to the letter.

I did not waver.

I did not falter.

I had a muffin top to get rid of!

The evening of the competition I did allow myself the indulgence of a hunk of dark chocolate and natural peanut butter.  The first spoonful was pretty good. I had another and put it away, it actually didn’t taste as good as I had hoped. So disappointing!

The next day I did pretty good for most of the day.  Breakfast was spent with the family at Cora’s and I shared half my meal with the rest of the table, I just couldn’t eat it all.

Then last night I went head first off the wagon.  I ate all the bad foods I had purchased for the competition in case we needed them.  Two protein bars and two snickers bars were ravenously devoured.  Then I spotted the air popper and decided to make sure that it still worked. After all, it had been a really long time since it had been used! A large bowl of popcorn was popped and then drenched, and I mean DRENCHED, in butter topped off with a sure coat of salt.

My stomach started to balloon, my head started to pound, and I started to sweat. This was NOT a good idea.

It seemed like a good idea to get off the wagon, after all that’s where all the fun is, right? I forgot that this is actually where all the self pity, wallowing, and self medication with food happens.

I didn’t know until I got off the wagon, that I prefer the wagon; no matter how much I complain about it some days.

So tomorrow I am back on the wagon of clean eating. I am still suffering today and feel bloated beyond belief. What woman wants to feel that way?  Not me, that’s for sure!!

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  1. I prefer the wagon also! Love your blog!,

  2. LOL you crack me up “make sure it worked” with the air popper! LOL!!!

  3. I TOTALLY understand. Since we’ve been in Jasper I’ve found it crazy hard to stay on top of my choices. I’m sure I’ve gained weight while being here. I’d really love to pick your brain about A LOT of things.

  4. Thanks for posting this. It reminds us how wrong food choices can truly make us feel. It’s hardly worth it! But sometimes we have to re-visit that place to remind ourselves…

    Congrats on your experience in Calgary. You are an inspiration!


  5. Glad you indulged – you deserve to jump off that wagon – you killed it out there! Wow…you really went all out on the cheat day though haha! Nice! 😉

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