Glimmers of a Sunrise

Some sunrises surprise you with gorgeous colors that hint at a fantastic day to come. These mornings are taken notice of. People stop to admire and bask in their glory as they don’t come around that often.

Today was my glorious sunrise. I spent the day doing the final preparations for my competition tomorrow. Everything showed glimmers of promise and a glorious day.

I got my tan put on, which is completely awkward, sticky, and magical. After being airbrushed while being completely naked three times by a nice blonde woman and not being able to wear anything by loose fitting sweats from the salon, I have turned into a bronze statue.


Looking a bit frazzled...showering, deodorant, and makeup aren't allowed until showtime! It's INTENSE...and kinda stinky...


I have all my food chopped, measured, and in ziploc baggies. The stash of ‘foods we may need to use’ have also been compiled – Mars Bars are in the competition bag!

I hit my goal weight that my nutritionist and I set for me to walk on stage.

All bedazzled jewelry, clothing, shoes, and nails are set and ready to go.

The nervous butterflies in my stomach have all flown away.

Anticipation overshadows anxiousness.

Excitement is covering doubt.

Pride and self assurance have filled the holes that discouragement and lack of self esteem left behind.

I am satisfied with myself and my commitment to the journey.  Now is the time to relax and bask in the glory of competition day.

I sure hope we need to ‘use’ some of the candy bars, pizza, and muffins! 11 months is a long time to be SO DANGED disciplined!

Tomorrow is going to be awesome!  I should be tweeting and sharing pictures throughout the day…perhaps even some videos if I am organized enough!  Come along with me @bikiniorbust!

You win when you stay true to your path despite the dark, windy, and unknown parts of the journey. Eventually the path straightens again and you get to see what you’ve overcome. Tomorrow I overcome the fat girl! Yeehaw! 😉

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  1. You are absolutely amazing, inspiring and fabulous. This post made me tear up. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Mike & I are cheering you on from Jasper. We’re both so excited and inspired! YOU ROCK! YOU ROCK! YOU ROCK! GO DO THIS THING, GIRL!
    p.s. You look A-MAY-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are fantastic! I can’t wait to watch you on that stage tomorrow! Have a good nights rest my dear!!!

  4. Good luck Donloree!! I know you wil do great! I will be thinking of you and cheering for you tomorrow!!!

  5. Kathy Harris says

    Good luck! Can’t wait for pics and updates.

  6. You look amazing. Great job! You will hav a blast strutting your stuff out on that stage. Who cares if you place, just getting out there and showing off all your hard work is the best feeling in the world. Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  7. I have been following your journey since I read your story in the Journal. You are an inspiration to all of us. Best of luck- you will knock ’em dead!

  8. Pamela Hiller says

    Go Donloree Go! Woohoo! You are going to be AMAZING… wish I could be there to watch the event. Best of luck!


    Good luck.
    You look wonderful.

    Now *shine* !!!! have fun.

    cant wait to see your stage pics and your beautiful suit!!!!!!!

    YOU DID IT!!!!!!! woooo hooooo

  10. I can’t believe that today has finally come! You have done an amazing job. I’m sure all of us camping girls are cheering you on – thanks for being who you are!

    Have fun!

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