Thankful for Vegetables?

I am on autopilot.  Every day I eat basically the same thing…chicken and vegetables…vegetables and chicken. With only a few mere hours left to my competition there is no room for cheating or falling off the wagon. I still have some muffin top to try to get rid of and am scared out of my mind.  I want to walk on that stage and know that I did my absolutely best.

Every day for breakfast I have an egg white scramble on toast.

After my work out I have half a cup of raspberries and a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt.

Lunch is green beans, mushrooms, onions, and chicken with two light babybell cheeses.

Supper is either chicken soup with two tablespoons of quinoa and a smattering of carrots and onions or a chicken and vegetable stir-fry with Mrs. Dash seasoning.

Almost all of my carbs are vegetables and more vegetables.  Most days I don’t mind the vegetables.

Today I had to choose to be thankful for my vegetables. It is Canadian Thanksgiving and I did NOT get to eat any potatoes, stuffing, gravy, or homemade buns.  Technically I could have had ¼ cup potatoes instead of my vegetables for lunch, but I can’t be trusted once I start on something as fabulous as potatoes…


So many FABULOUS things to eat, and all I get is 100 grams of turkey...


I did break the mold and went with turkey instead of chicken for lunch.  It was a whole new taste experience after eating only chicken and egg whites for 12 weeks.


There's nothing quite as festive as bringing your food scale to Thanksgiving dinner...


I tried not to lust after my husband’s plate of deliciousness…


I am not jealous...just look away...


Some days it is very hard to be married to a man that has a metabolism of a cheetah.  My metabolism makes a snail look like a race car in comparison.

I did well.  I ate my sautéed vegetables with babybell cheese and chicken with thankfulness in my heart.

But then the pumpkin pie came out. I LOVE pumpkin pie.  I leaned in as close as womanly possible and took a deep breath.  For a few moments I was taken to a magical place where I could freely eat pumpkin pie and whipped cream.


Dear gracious! How much will power does this day require?


I opened my eyes to find my only option for dessert quietly mocking me.  Black coffee is nice, but not when savory pumpkin pie is available for consumption.




Just a few more days until I can indulge…but despite it being Thanksgiving, I am a wee bit sad and unthankful.


Only 6 more days! I can do this!!!


Tomorrow I have to do it all over again at my cousin’s house…here’s hoping I wake up with an amazing dose of willpower tomorrow…

Strangely enough, I am VERY thankful for freezers. Into the freezer go all the things that I want to eat after Saturday.  A piece of pumpkin pie is definitely going in the freezer for me to eat later!

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  1. I just came across your blog. Your story is fantastic and the progress you’ve made is nothing short of amazing. Mostly, I’m struck by your willpower on this Thanksgiving weekend. You do not want to know what I just ate for thanksgiving dinner, believe me.

    I recently whipped myself into the best shape of my life, and am pondering next steps and goals. I LOVE to hear stories about people re-inventing themselves and dreaming big, backed by large doses of discipline and focus.

    Wishing you perseverance and strength on these last six days. Good luck! I’ll be reading…

    • I think I do want to know what you had for Thanksgiving! 😉 What are you going to do next?! I would love to know. Setting a goal, working your butt off for it, and then being successful feels fabulous; which you know all about!

      • Re: what to do next…it’s a big question mark! The last few goals were a professional photo shoot for my 40th b-day with a fitness theme (I did the shoot a few months ago; it was fantastic motivation and i loved the outcome). Then in the summer I did an Olympic distance triathlon. Next up…I’m drawn to getting more serious about weight training and really seeing what some focus in that area could do. But the goal is still nebulous! I am fascinated by the the type of competition you’re doing, as I imagine it would ultra-motivating. But I’m not sure I could ever get on stage! Can I ask you a serious question: do people ever do those shows really naturally, like no fake tan, barefoot, and in a sporty-type bikini? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

  2. You can do it!! Not long now 🙂

  3. Kathy Harris says

    Good going! Amazing and strong willed you are! I wish I had your will power at a family wedding last night. Yep, turkey dinner was served! I could have gone all out but also could have eaten better.

    You’re doing great. Your progress is worth more than that pumpkin pie!

    • You are SO right. My progress is worth so much more than pumpkin pie. Thank you! 😀
      I think you should be really proud of yourself for not going all out! That is worth celebrating.

  4. I always say to myself nothing taste as good as feeling skinny! Hang in there you are going to do awesome!

  5. Great job sticking to your diet plan! Only a couple days left and you can have that slice of pumpkin pie! 🙂

  6. Donloree, you were so great with the thanksgiving meal. You are in a far better place for not indulging – I think we tend to over indulge. Today will confirm that you will make it to Saturday. You go girl!


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