I Am So Inspired!

For a long time I kept my journey of working towards a Figure Competition hidden.  I was scared to tell people what I was doing because I feared their reactions. My dream was fragile and I was afraid to have people laugh at it or doubt me.  There were signs that I was doing something.  After all, I was working with a personal trainer, eating different, and starting to get smaller but when asked what I was doing I would shrug and mumble something about ‘healthy living’.  Last time I told people what I was doing I ended up with a torn calf muscle and ‘BOB’ sun burnt into both of my upper arms. Needless to say, that is NOT an experience that I want to go through again, so I kept my mouth shut this time.

Years earlier something sparked in me when my husband and I helped out at an INBF competition in Calgary.  While back stage applying tans to competitors and seeing their discipline and focus, I was inspired and a spark was ignited in my heart.  For years the spark smoldered because I was too scared to let it become a fire in my life.

In November, I let the fire burn brightly because I couldn’t deny my dream any longer. I jumped off the cliff and committed to competing on October 16, 2010.

Once again I am completely inspired by people living to their full potential.  I am inspired and challenged by two women that have a spark in their hearts and aren’t doing anything to deny or hide it.  They are brave women that are choosing to live life to the fullest, be healthy, and aim high for their goals.

Jessica Powless and Krista Jacobson-Smith are two women that are living their lives out loud and sharing their journey with the world. I am encouraged and blessed to know that sharing my story has ignited passion into these two fabulous women.  But all I have done is passed on a spark, they are truly courageous to take the spark and fan it into a raging fire in their hearts and lives.

Living passionately is truly inspirational.  What sparks are smoldering in your heart that need to burst into flame?

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