Peak Week HERE I COME!!!

I only have one week left until I compete! I can’t even believe that tomorrow starts my first official ‘Peak Week’.  It sounds so awesome and official…like I am a superstar or something.

The goal of Peak Week is to get me as lean as possible with just the right amount of carbs and water in my body so that I look fantastic on stage.  It is VERY intense.  Every day I have a different amount of macronutrients to take in, very specific training to do, and EPIC amounts of water to drink. I should lose a pound or two as well.

I had a firm discussion with the scale this morning and gave it heck!  It should shape up starting tomorrow.


Donloree and scale

I gave it some heck and then gave it the evil eye. Do you think it will behave this week??


I also have to get ready for the day of the show, which means packing everything in advance and having all the necessary supplies ready if my nutrition coach requires me to eat them.  We will be texting back and forth all day long and I will be sending him pictures of what I look like so he can fine tune every moment of the competition for me.

My coffee table is the official holding spot for all things Figure Competition related.


Peak Week Supplies

Who knew you needed such random things for a Figure Competition?!


I have my bedazzled suit and accessories, matching nail polish, rice cakes, protein bars with high sugar alcohols, Pam non-stick spray to remove the bikini adhesive from my arse, oats, gatorade, and Dream Tan bronzer.

I still need things like bikini adhesive, oil, natural peanut butter, pizza, and candy bars…apparently we ‘may need to use a candy bar or two…’  Ummm….YES, we will definitely be ‘using’ a candy bar or two if I have anything to say about it!

I also have to drink tons of water.  If my calculations are correct, I will be drinking 4-5 gallons of water EVERY SINGLE DAY until the competition.  That’s 35 gallons of water. I did some Googling and apparently the average shower uses 15-25 gallons of water.  So I need to drink roughly two full showers of water over the course of the next week. There is no way I am going to be very far from a bathroom at any given time!

And I will probably haul along my supplements, you never know when you’ll want some glutamine!


Donloree's Supplements

I still can't believe that I take so many supplements every day of my life!


I am so excited to come down the home stretch!  Here goes nothing. Let’s see what 100% compliance during Peak Week looks like.  Now I just have to get the posing down and I will be feeling good!

8 more sleeps to go until I step on stage!!

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  1. 4-5 gallons of water a day??? What???!

  2. You are amazing Donloree! I can’t believe you have to basicly glue this bikini on and then use (of all things) Pam to remove it (I guess it is non-stick stuff). What will happen when the Dream Tan Bronzer and the Pam come in contact with each other? Will the Bronzer come off too? Do you have to stick your shoes to your feets as well? I’m interested in how you are going to “use” the candy bars 🙂

  3. Did you figure out the water thing? Is it really 4-5 gallons?? How are you doing?

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