Two Hands

The countdown is on and can be done on two hands. Ten little fingers represent the amount of days I have left until I compete.

Sometimes October 16th cannot come soon enough and other times I would be fine if it never came at all!  The amount of emotions that are running through me at any given time in the day are crazy.

It’s a good thing that this journey has taught me not to live my life based on emotions.  If I was living based on what felt good all the time and is comfortable I would still be the chubby woman with the round face, I wouldn’t have dropped from a 32% body fat to 12% over the last year, nor would I have been successful when all the temptations to self sabotage came up.

Out here on the edge of the cliff is where life is lived, but it is sure scary sometimes.  And some days you just have to jump off the cliff even when you’re not sure how you’re going to land; which is exactly what I am going to do on October 16th.

Tomorrow starts the single digit countdown and severe tunnel vision and focus.  I didn’t really believe my nutrition coach when he told me my job was to eat, train, and sleep for the next week; suddenly that is the only thing that makes sense.

My diet is restrictive, but my life is full.

My energy is low, but my mind is strong.

I long for chocolate, but success tastes better.

Let’s count this thing down together!!!

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  1. OH gosh you sound like me last week! It’s nuts isn’t it? You cannot even explain all the ridiculous feelings that are going through your head right now. You are much more calm than I was. I was angry and emotional. Therefore, I yelled and cried. Sometimes at the same time. My husband would tell the kids, “mommy is not mad at you, she just need carbohydrates.” Good times. Hang in there! That chocolate is waiting for you at the end!! =)

  2. femininefitness says

    So excited!

    Im living vicariously through you know that the “Big C” has hit our family … cant wait to see you in all your bedazzled glory 🙂

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